Combine the braininess of the legendary Oprah and the chutzpah of P.T. Barnum and the result is Lila Stahl. Today, the beautiful Lila has emerged as a prolific author, a dedicated philanthropist, and one of the savviest developers of our time. As the President of Stahl Enterprises, the Iranian-born and USA bred Lila is rocking the new entertainment and  tourist  world like a sonic boom. To those who are acquainted with Lila she is known as a chariot of strength for her attitude of positivity and determination at every turn of life.

Armed with facts, figures and a sharp comic wit, Lila’s $55 million Stahl Butterfly Palladium is becoming one of the great wonders of the modern world; the largest enclosed rainforest exhibit that would make the world a safe place for butterflies and hummingbirds and many of God’s now endangered  creatures.


For Lila, bringing joy and happiness to the world is an intrinsic creed. With ecological integrity and visionary architectural achievements, Lila envisions a visit to the Stahl Butterfly Palladium will be like a journey to an enchanted Costa Rica rain forest, filled with pockets of parks and ponds, exotic tropical flowers and foliage, lush waterfalls cascading over 45-foot mountains, magically using space and air as almost tangible assets.  Excitement expands when lights suddenly dim and guests experience simulated thunderstorms, replicating a real rainforest experience The New Stahl Butterfly Palladium will become a symbol and a Mecca for the greatest technological achievements of our time

 Lila predicts the Stahl Butterfly Palladium will attract young and old, expert and novice, investor and consumer, developers and promoters from all over the world. This will be a place to learn and do business, to seek hope, inner peace and joy, knowledge and guidance. This top tourist attraction will be a priority destination for schoolchildren everywhere. And for weddings, there’s a delicious “I do” surprise. The integration of education and entertainment creates an amazing experience that drives deep value for property owners and developers alike.

The  fifty-one thousand square feet palladium also includes an enclosed greenhouse atrium exhibit which  measures 19,000 square feet, making this top tourist attraction the largest butterfly exhibit in the U.S., and one of the largest in the world.

 When guests arrive, they will be presented with a 3D film on the life of a butterfly from caterpillar to chrysalis, experiencing in virtual reality the moment when it spreads its wings for the very first time.  Inside the atrium, thousands of real butterflies emerge from metamorphosis, causing miles of smiles from the surrounding visitors.

 Nowhere else in the world can one experience an enormous jellyfish aquarium, as well as a bee-utiful “Bee Cave” where visitors will be able to see a large working beehive in an acrylic enclosure allowing  patrons to walk around the hive and see it from the a bee’s perspective.

The Stahl Butterfly Palladium will also establish a world class laboratory, to expand research of butterflies and bees. Both butterflies and bees are dying in extraordinary numbers. Our laboratory will aid researchers to discover the cause or causes behind Colony Collapse disorder and more importantly how to reverse this malady. This endeavor is supported by our nonprofit (501.C3) Butterfly Foundation.

The Stahl Butterfly Palladium will have a digitized marketplace conducted through a common space that can triple as a theater and a classroom.  Since southern California is in the early stages of a gargantuan boom in renewables, this would be a major additional attraction to the entertainment location.

Delight continues with the world class gift stop offering beautiful and authentic gifts and art inspired by the Butterfly Palladium from Costa Rica, as will as from Central and South American countries. Operated by the Wildlife Trading Company. 

The city of Buena Park began a years’ long search for the right project to take over this storied site in the heart of their entertainment district. The search ended in 2014 when Buena Park agreed to sell the land to Rubin and Lila Stahl and Butterfly Palladium, LLC. Buena Park is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country and is totally behind the Stahl Butterfly Palladium. The project passed the city council unanimously.

Butterfly Palladium is located in one of the largest entertainment districts in the world, Buena Park/Anaheim.  7711 Beach Boulevard. It is four miles from Disneyland and walking distance to Knott’s Berry Farm, Soak City Water Park, Medieval Times, Rock and Brew, Portos Café, Pirates Dinner Theatre, and The Source, a new mixed-use retail-entertainment center. Projected opening for the Butterfly Palladium, March 2019.

In 2017 Disneyland had eighteen million visitors. There is an additional seven million visitors for the other previously mentioned venues Overnight stays in the area are twenty-six million with thirteen million in Orange County alone. Area restaurants bring in fifteen thousand visitors a day and eighteen million in revenue. Other places opening soon include Gene Simmon’s Rock and Brew, The Source, a two hundred million dollar entertainment, outlet mall, an upscale high rise Hotel Stanford, a Doubletree by Hilton, and a Hampton Inn.

Craft Culinary Concepts is excited to announce the opening of Chrysalis, a 180 seat full-service restaurant located at The Butterfly Palladium. Chrysalis will bring a fresh, California-centric menu to the Buena Park area, featuring “food theater” with an open kitchen and a menu built around local and sustainable farm fresh menu offerings.  The open kitchen will feature a wood fired oven offering artisanal pizza, roasted chicken, fresh seafood, prime beef and more!  The talented culinary and service team will also offer a full range of special event, wedding reception and group catering services.

For those looking for a more casual experience plan to visit Kaleidoscope Bakery Café featuring grilled paninis, hearth fired pizza, chopped salads, house made soups & chowders, premium coffee beverages, flavored iced teas, cold beer and wine….as well as fresh baked pastries and house made chocolates! Look for updates at https://www.craftculinaryconcepts.com/blog

Look for our opening in Spring 2019!

Behind every extraordinary woman is an extraordinary man. Lila’s husband Rubin is a legendary developer. He is the former President of the West Edmonton Mall, the largest mall in the world and the first to incorporate entertainment components. He spearheaded the development of twenty-two shopping centers in Canada and was involved in the development of a unique themed operating retail-aquarium concept with seventeen aquariums in the Mohican Sun Casino in Connecticut He was instrumental in realizing the concept, and placing the partnership group together of the Newport, Kentucky Aquarium across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio. This was the first for-profit aquarium built in the U.S. It was profitable in its first year of operation and has continued to be a profit center. Both Lila and Ruben are principals in the development of Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Our wonderful Butterfly Palladium would not exist without the love, energy, enthusiasm and talent of our great team: 1-Brissette Architects 2-Acon Development  3-Bar Napkin Production  4-Deforche Construct 5-Oceanscape 6-MurowlCM 7-OTL

 When Lila was  five years old she wanted to be like Picasso. That didn’t happen. But something better happened. She grew up to be Lila Stahl Not for naught do people call her Wonder Woman.


Source:  BaretNewsWire.com


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