Where Is The Bull’s-Eye In Direct Selling?


Where Is The Bull’s-Eye In Direct Selling?

by Carolyn Walker

Couple this with: In the Nerium communication Center- under News Letters- Nerium DSN Article

Nerium International has found it— with their ground breaking night cream-Nerium AD. The clinical trials that this cream was put through allow the company to make some lofty claims— like 20-30% improvement in the appearance of skin. As Jeff Olson said, “I knew we needed to prove this company was the real deal.” The clinical trials confirmed that. There is another thing that sets company apart from its competition—and that is a formal partnership with a globally recognized biotech company. This is not a “supplier relationship”; this is a formal legal partnership. Their research yields products for Nerium International, a portion of sales is returned to Nerium Biotech to continually fund research: and so the circle goes, growing
bigger every month. In the 12th month in business sales hit $10 million in a month. This is unheard of growth in this industry. This partnership also allows a seamless “Seed-to bottle” manufacturing process that cuts out a middleman and rewards those who are actively building a business. Nerium sees those as their partners and thus they are termed Brand Partners. The brand; Nerium Skincare, the first product; Nerium Age-defying night cream, simply referred to as Nerium AD. The results are posted on the company’s Facebook page but also on individuals own Facebook pages.  Seeing before and after pictures of yourself and your friends is a powerful testimony— one that cannot be airbrushed, touched up or photo shopped. The business is conducted through Relationship Marketing, the most powerful form of marketing today and the industry that is producing more millionaires than any other industry. When your friend says, “you need to try this,” or asks, “have you had work done on your face?” or any variation of the above, your friendship will give the other person the courage to try because they think to themselves, “just maybe this will work for me…” Back that with a 30day money back guarantee and few people will say, “No thanks.”  Hundreds of thousands have said, “Absolutely, I want some of that!”  AND a high proportion has said, “You bet, I could use some extra money. I’m in!”

To quote Dennis Windsor, Co-Founder and President of Nerium International, “The Bulls-Eye in {direct selling} is anti-aging skin care.” Looks like they have also hit the bulls eye with their very lucrative comp plan, too


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