Traveling Solo is a Great Adventure

Traveling Solo is a Great Adventure

by Amy Lignor


There are so many stories out there to scare the solo traveler, yet getting away for some time by yourself is actually a great way to reenergize and get some peace all at the same time. Whether you want to take a journey for a chance to get away, or wish to learn about new cultures and meet new people, traveling solo can be done safely and offer you a whole lot of fun at the same time. All you really need is your own adventurous spirit. After that, the list of things to remember is quite simple.

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When preparing, just make sure to set aside all those silly, scary stories you’ve been told. Although it may seem frightening to go to a new place all alone, greeting new people, eating new foods, and learning about the past is an unforgettable experience.


Solo travel is self-indulgent. You can spend a day in the local cafés, walk through a stunning museum or indulge in other passions, whether they be music or basking in the sun on a warm beach. And you are allowed to call all the shots. If you want to spend more, sleep more…then do it! Just remember that friends and loved ones back home don’t cease to exist. In other words, keep in touch with someone to let them know how you are and where you are so that someone will always be just a text away.


When it comes to the need for cash, keep more on your person than you may believe you need. But, keep said cash in a variety of places. That way, losing a purse or backpack isn’t that big of a deal if your passport, cash and credit cards aren’t all in it at the same time.


So what are the best countries to visit as a solo traveler? Although there are lists out there that you can find on the internet, the two things to look for are countries that are statistically safer, and ones that are literally happy places that pride themselves on making the traveler feel extremely welcome.


Japan is an incredible country to visit for the solo traveler. From the fascination of Tokyo to jumping on a bullet train to pass by Mount Fuji and view the peaceful tranquility of old Kyoto, the traveler can enjoy a list filled with great food, modern hotels, and lush Zen gardens.


Austria is another destination that scores high with the solo traveler. If afraid of losing your way, Vienna is known to be one of the easiest cities in Europe to get around. Concert halls, cafés, museums—the beauty of Vienna is astounding. Austria also offers a rail network that can take the solo traveler from Innsbruck to Graz and beyond with ease.


If your one of those who like to mind their own business and be left alone, Switzerland is a fantastic trek. Great for the lover of the outdoors, all you need is a Swiss Rail pass to ride every tram or steamer to arrive at a chosen trail.


New Zealand is one that also tops the “best” lists when it comes to solo travel. With a very high safety ranking, one and all can go from the glaciers to the rainforests to the center of the Southern Alps, and even hike on the legendary Milford Track. In New Zealand you will also meet some of the friendliest people known to exist on the planet.


And speaking of friendly… In the amazing country of Chile, the natives are extremely welcoming to all solo travelers who want to explore the endless coastline. You can also choose to go north to the unforgettable Atacama Desert, or south to Patagonia, and even become part of a Chilean barbecue along the way.


One more to speak about is Indonesia. The temples are stunning. For people seeking peace, Indonesia beckons to the spiritualist. Bali is the most popular destination for Western solo travelers, but if that’s too touristy for you, a short flight to Lombok, an island off the coast of Bali, allows you to travel back in time.


In the end, whatever country you choose, as a solo traveler never forget to explore. Partake of everything these particular cultures have to offer. Life is short, after all, so see as much of this majestic world as you possibly can!

Source:  Baret News


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