The Wurst is Yet to Come

Believe it or not we are talking about #27(!) in a mystery series that – since Book #1 – has been a complete and utter joyride. This is Mary Daheim’s Bed-and-Breakfast Mystery Series, and this newest release is just as great – if not better – than where these characters all began.


Judith McMonigle and her cousin Renie have been running a Bed-and-Breakfast called, “The Hillside Manor,” for the past twenty-odd years; and these tales regarding the ever-entertaining B&B are so full of humor and wit that they keep readers laughing at their antics on every page.

In this new story, the B&B finds themselves under the scrutiny of the state B&B association. In fact, the state is threatening to take away Judith’s innkeeper’s license just because she ‘happens’ to stumble over the occasional murder or two and helps police solve the crimes.


As a change of scenery – not to mention, trying their best to keep away from the critics of the State Bureau – the ladies decide to disappear by attending an Oktoberfest in Little Bavaria. There they will help ‘man’ a B&B booth during the festival. The last thing either woman needs is to come upon another corpse. But – darn the rotten luck – at the opening ceremony of the Fest, the man who saved the town from oblivion several years ago, Victor Dietrich Wessler, is killed with a knife that’s left beside his body.


Mr. Wessler had basically changed the town; he was instrumental in turning it into an authentic Bavarian village when the mining and lumber businesses closed down. The town sheriff knows that Judith is in Little Bavaria and also knows about her detective prowess, so he asks her to assist him with the case. She’s reluctant to do this, as the Innkeeper Board is watching her every move, but decides to help out anyway. What she and Renie don’t realize is that the murderer is also watching…very, very closely.


This is a fun book that can be read in a day. The women have a long-standing ‘job’ as partners in solving weird murders, and their communication is a joy to ‘watch.’ A wonderful cozy/mystery/thriller that will keep readers interested until the last page, as they look forward to #28!


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