The Power of Invisibility with the Realtree Camo Kayak


The Power of Invisibility with the Realtree Camo Kayak

 by Jame Moore

When it comes to camouflage, no company understands the concept better than Realtree. This company provides everything from clothing to timepieces to a slew of other products and accessories that have been perfected for the hunter in order for them to achieve victory over their prey.


Now, for the fisherman and waterfowl-hunter comes yet another amazing Realtree product that has been sorely missing from the industry. The new Realtree Camo K12 Kayak by KC Kayaks, provides the ultimate gift of concealment while also making sure that the sportsman and woman have easy maneuverability through the waters. The camo kayak perfectly blends in with your chosen surroundings, making it the ‘must-have’ for setting up the ideal fishing or waterfowl-hunting spot.


The versatility of the Realtree Camo K12 Kayak is unmatched. Available in Realtree Hardwoods HD, the kayak can even convert to a layout duck blind with the simple process of removing the seat. It is also the first kayak to offer anglers the ability to sit in the realtree-camo-kayaktraditional low position, or reverse the seat and sit up high to provide the best experience for all types of fishing, including fly fishing and marsh fishing.

And comfort is not spared in the least. This kayak offers anglers and hunters the most stability and concealment that’s necessary when it comes to having the best experience possible.


This collaborative project between KC Kayaks and Realtree – the veteran suppliers of stealth – produced the Camouflage K12 vessel which is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment. Thermoformed ABS makes the kayak lighter and more abrasion resistant, which means that scratching or peeling will not be a headache.


Unlike the wrap or hydrographic dip coating, this film is actually integrated into the plastic sheet as it is extruded. In other words, Realtree and KC Kayaks have changed the future. With the ability to be completely customized for many paddle sports, the K12 suits all camouflage needs.


The Realtree™ Camouflage pattern makes the hunter completely invisible to ducks. The hull design is unique, and anglers are provided with the option of  fishing from both a seated or standing position. The open deck allows free-range movement, and the large tank wells at the bow and stern provide ample storage space for the rest of your gear.


Standard extras include flush mount rod holders, dry storage hatch, and seat. And the unique track system means your KC Kayak can easily be outfitted to suit your needs with plenty of space for mounting a GPS, extra rod holders, and other kayaking accessories. Anglers can also add a motor mount to convert this craft from paddle to motor with ease.


The Realtree Camo K12 Kayak by KC Kayaks is the elite product – the ultimate craft that will provide one and all with everything necessary to have the perfect water adventure!


Not to mention…the power of invisibility. Look out ducks, here we come!


Visit Realtree today and pick out your Kayak Today:



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