The Newest Aquarium in the Nations Oldest City

The Newest Aquarium in the Nations Oldest City

Shawn and Kathy Hiester are pleased to announce the purchase of a 5-Acre site for their new St. Augustine Aquarium, Snorkel Adventure and Zip Line project. Located at 2045 State Road 16 in St. Augustine, Florida, the wooded site is .7 miles east from the Interstate 95 and State Road 16 Interchange. “We love the location because it is close to I-95 and the busy St. Augustine Outlet Center yet retains its natural feel with lots of beautiful trees”, said Kathy Hiester.

Aquarium 3The Aquarium project is a privately funded public aquarium. It will be constructed in two phases: Phase I consists of an 80,000 gallon outdoor Snorkel Adventure along with a Zip Line and Adventure Course. Phase II will add an additional 180,000 gallons and 40,000 square feet of indoor/ outdoor exhibit space housing an assortment of Florida marine species. To highlight St. Augustine’s rich maritime heritage, a recreated 17th century shipwreck will be featured in the main exhibit alongside sand tiger, bonnethead, and blacknose sharks as well as rays, eels and a host of reef fish. Shark Cage Madison main tank ship 2 views pdfEncounters will give guests the chance to dive with sharks in the main habitat. There will also be an interactive Stingray Experience that provides guests the opportunity to get up close, touch and feed cownose rays. 70 species and over 1000 fish will be on display at the Aquarium.

The Zip Line and Adventure Course will include an
assortment of aerial elements with 
multiple courses to suit skill levels from beginner to advanced. The tree canopy will be utilized for the majority of the elements and includes a zip line over live sharks in the Shark Lagoon. A full service family restaurant will join the aquarium on the site. In addition to lunch and dinner, the restaurant will provide foodservice for weddings, parties and special events at the aquarium. Melissa Glasgow, Economic Development Director for St. Johns County, said, “St. Johns County is excited to have a new multi-purpose interactive aquarium project be built that our residents and visitors alike will enjoy. This project will be a welcome addition to theattractions industry base and help create new jobs and attract new tourism dollars to the County”.  Shawn and Kathy Hiester and their team have been working on this project for two and a half years. Now that the land has been secured, design and construction will move along quickly. Phase I will break ground in early 2015 and will open to the public Spring 2015. The balance of the project is expected to open Summer 2016.



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