The Luxurious Life…in Green

The Luxurious Life…in Green

 ~ Samantha Lewis

Looking at mansions is a lot like watching the old ‘Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous.’ Although 99.999% of us cannot currently afford even the tool shed resting on the mansion’s property, let alone being able to purchase the ‘big house’, it remains super-fun to witness the extraordinaire.


301x300xgreen_home_happy.jpg,qitok=4YUeza-g.pagespeed.ic.blASeXzm-uAlthough we all get to live ‘green’ lifestyles, choosing to dress up our own homes with everything from geothermal heating and cooling systems to LED lighting, seeing what those luxury homes are all about is interesting – especially considering the amount of cash people have available to sink into such a grand project.
Ostentatious. Pure waste. A carbon footprint that is huge and harmful. These are only a few of the criticisms regarding mansions that seem to reach to the sky and give everything to their owners. But this time around, we are going to give a little information on the ‘good’ that is currently being done in constructions, adding ‘eco-friendly’ features that not only fit the extensive budget surrounding these homes, but also make sure to create a masterpiece that does not harm the environment.


There are many with LEED certification, solar panels, or other smart technology, including wind power, when it comes to the million-dollar homes out there. In fact, in the state of Connecticut, a 10-million+ home was recently given a true ‘green’ award. This ‘Electronic House of the Year’ is beyond innovative when it comes to eco-friendly features and design. AMX technology is a big part of the house, which is a form of saving energy that involves the use of ‘in-wall’ touch screens. These screens control everything for the house from lighting to heat to irrigation on the property.


At the very beginning of the ‘green movement’, building or renovating a home so that it became sustainable was extremely difficult. Not only was this a high-cost process, but even finding a construction crew that understood and could install the early technology was more than hard…and more than expensive.


But much like the high-end autos out there, the new 21st ‘green’ luxury home is created for the highest performance possible. Healthier air, more comfortable temps, and less expensive to run. In reality, the actual number of ‘green’ homes is expected to grow no lower than 29% (and all the way up to 38%), of the market by 2016. And the National Association of REALTORS has stepped up with this new knowledge by developing a Green Designation. This is earned by agents who take on specialized training in order to clearly and completely understand the ‘green’ issues that face the world.


Yes, any size pocketbook can do this; restoring appliances or plugging leaky windows is a small but great step. And the continuous release of smart home technology will keep bringing new energy sources and digital devices onto the scene.


But…just for a little fun… Imagine the well-known British tone of Robin Leach opening the doors to, let’s say…


This luxurious historic mansion rests in the majestic Italian scenery of Capannori Lucca. The stunning villa dates back to the 17th century, when it was once owned by a wealthy family of European silk traders named, Mansi. The elegant facades and the elegant green spaces that make up the park have brought fame to the property. Stables, a farmhouse, frescoed rooms, with a large tank surrounding the villa referred to as, “Peschiera”, takes the breath away. Fishing galore, grasslands abound and a nymph dedicated to Venus watches over it all…


(And for only tens of millions, it can be yours.)


See? That was fun. But whether an eco-mansion worth millions or an old farmhouse in Maine needing renovations – going ‘green’ is definitely available to everyone.



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