The Battle of the NFL Dynasties is Coming Soon

The Battle of the NFL Dynasties is Coming Soon

~ Amy Lignor


Jerry Jones says he’s convinced; others, well…it will take just a little while to see if the topsy-turvy QB, Tony Romo, will be able to make it through this season and help bring the Cowboys out of their half-and-half slump.


Tony_Romo_2009 Most Dallas fans are biting their fingernails. They, like San Francisco fans, are fans of teams that not only want their team to win a Super Bowl, but they also want their legacy back. Both San Fran and Dallas had a long time atop the mountain of success, with their star, future Hall-of-Fame players, and knocked everyone to the ground as they continuously won the ‘Big Game’. But Aikman is gone…long gone, and Romo is the one being counted on to spark Dallas and bring it back to the glittering status it once had. Seems interesting that the very first real game of the season for Dallas will be played against the 49ers. Apparently, whoever makes out the schedule wants to see which one will begin climbing the ladder this season to see if the brass ring is still there waiting for them.


It was a known fact on Saturday night that Tony Romo hadn’t taken a snap in a game since he played through a back injury; he played through and led a drive so that Dallas could stay in playoff contention last season (then, unfortunately, watched them lose to Philadelphia despite all his hard work).


Now, back surgery is over, the herniated disk is repaired, and he has been very calm and concerting by taking days off and keeping himself away from hard
hits at training camp, saving up his power for the real deal. He skipped the opening exhibition game against the Chargers last week, but this time against the Ravens he started in his familiar spot, and the showing was…well…basically what Tony Romo always shows: When he’s on, he’s on; when he’s off, he’s off – back surgery or no back surgery. He certainly showed the skill necessary to have the Cowboys climb back in the limelight, but there is a fear whether Romo will be able to continue all season once the hits start coming.


Saturday night, Romo’s players stood behind him. They talked about him highly and, except for some harsh plays that were a real knock in the face, Romo did show his ability to hit the receiver when needed. And seeing as that preseason games don’t count in the final tally, saying Romo’s loss of 37-30 to the Ravens was actually a success, is just fine.


Downsides for Dallas? Giving up a 108-yard kickoff return for a touchdown and Romo fumbling a hand-off allowing the Ravens to score. Upsides? Romo didn’t play scared; he sent the bullets and showed his good side. He ran around the field easily, he remained untouched by the other team, and he came away with the numbers 4 of 5 for 80 yards, with a 31-yard touchdown pass to Dez Bryant.


Romo remarked after the game that he felt good, and his insight about the injury and his return was simple: “Continue to get stronger and you go out and play, and keep going.”


Jason Garrett, Dallas coach, remarked that he thought Romo looked more than comfortable on the field. He moved around in the pocket and tossed some good throws, reading the field well. The downsides weren’t really spoken about.


But Romo is not the only person people were watching for improvement. The Cowboys’ ‘D’ did not exactly show strength last season, this time around they only gave up a field goal in three series against the Baltimore starters. They looked far more promising than they did when they hung up their jerseys as last season ended.


Romo was the person responsible for putting the Cowboys behind 7-0 when he fumbled the handoff to running back DeMarco Murray. But the very next possession, Romo put aside the error and he and the offense marched down the field like clockwork.


Bryant was certainly the star on the team, but he, too, was supportive and happy with Romo’s performance.


What everyone seems to agree with is the fact that Romo will improve as long as he keeps on playing. All that can be hoped for is that his offense stays strong and makes sure to protect the QB that Jerry Jones would love to have as the new face of his next dynasty.


The Niners have bet a ton of cash on their own ‘face’ – which means Romo and team will certainly have to work hard as they go up against Kap and one of the greatest defenses in the NFL. YYou couldn’t ask for a better season opener!


Source:  Baret News Wire




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