Tax Problems and Chicago Politics in Washington

February 2, 2009 – I’m guilty of reading that right wing extremist publication called The Wall Street Journal (WSJ). But I’m highly educated in business and I’ve yet to find a better source for the truth. You can compare the “What’s News” section to the headlines and articles in your local paper and see the total distortion by one or the other – because they report differently! Some so-called newspapers are guilty of out right distortion of the truth or just plain old lying. Op-eds in papers like the Daytona Beach News Journal are based on pure fiction. I’m convinced that some of the writers literally sit down to write their syndicated columns and just make up facts to support their opinions. Who’s to do anything about it?

Well today’s WSJ has an Op-ed on Tom Daschle’s tax problems. You may remember him from his Senate days and now he’s back to run Health and Human Services. It appears that he has tax problems that run into the “hundreds of thousands of dollars”. Makes Geithner look like a puppy. So I saw Harry Reid telling, what to me was an unknown reporter, that Americans are patriotic and love to pay taxes. Hmmmm. But he could be wrong it seems since our Senator Nelson tells me that Geithner made an “honest mistake”. So then according to Harry Reid, he must have had a lapse of patriotism. Okay use your own logic to figure it out and you tell me.

To continue on the idea that WSJ covered, does anyone believe that if Geithner (with only tens of thousands of dollars in tax problems) or Daschle were Republicans, they would be under consideration for these posts? What would the howling sound like inside the beltway and at the NYT (New York Times). Better to ask you about how much you have read about all this in the NYT and your local paper? Did the play it down or protest hiring crooks? Does anyone notice that crooks are being brought into the beltway? Oh, have you hear about the crooks in Congress such as Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Charlie Rangel, John Conyers, etc., some of whom according to Harry Reid must be unpatriotic? The good news is that William Jefferson, Democrat, Louisianna got beat in the last election by a Republican. You may remember his stash of $90,000 cold cash in a freezer in his home.

Hate to bring it up but it appears to me that Chicago politics have come to Washington. Those politics have much the same flavor as Washington politics, certainly the same elements, but does removing Rod Blagojevich as governor sanitize Illinois and Chicago politics? Does it change the mindset in Washington? Does it take the Chicago politics out of our President? Talk about putting lipstick on a pig!!

-Bill Bramer
Retired Naval Officer
Ormond Beach, FL



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