A Smile is a Beautiful Thing….


A Smile is a Beautiful Thing…. by Carolyn Walker Who can resist a beautiful smile? A smile gives back…It makes another smile …It brings happiness…and happiness is contagious. The world looks brighter, more vibrant.  Want to improve the beauty of those around you and your surroundings, want to do it naturally, one person at a […]

How Much Is Your BIZ Costing You?


How much is your biz costing you? —by Carolyn Walker My company sends me free product to replenish my inventory. This is truly an industry breakthrough. Nerium International has done this industry breakthrough  through their Nerium Gives Back program. The company replenishes its distributors (called Brand Partners) inventory FOR FREE!!!  As their distributors enroll new […]

Where Is The Bull’s-Eye In Direct Selling?

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  Where Is The Bull’s-Eye In Direct Selling? by Carolyn Walker Couple this with: In the Nerium communication Center- under News Letters- Nerium DSN Article Nerium International has found it— with their ground breaking night cream-Nerium AD. The clinical trials that this cream was put through allow the company to make some lofty claims— like […]

Big Brother/Big Sister Alliance!

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  Big Brother/Big Sister Alliance! by Betsy Smith Wow, this company is not only helping add more income into the pockets of its Independent Brand Partners, but is also making a difference in the world! Nerium announced our partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters! We chose to partner with Big Brothers Big Sisters because this […]

The Foundation of Nerium


  The Foundation of Nerium by Carol Kimball Anti-aging skin creams are abundant in today’s cosmetic marketplace.  What makes Nerium AD different? Use of the Nerium oleander plant has been identified in ancient texts and folklore for more than 1,500 years, but it wasn’t until the last century that the scientific community took interest in […]

Should we Retire the word Retirement?


  Should we Retire the word Retirement? by Carolyn Walker The baby boomers have started that golden time called retirement—the question is: how many can really enjoy the Madison Ave view of retirement— golden beaches, world travel, golfing with friends, lunch out with the girls, hours spent in your favorite passion, pursuing that long time […]

Men and Skin Care


  Men and skin care- The Hot New Area– by Carolyn Walker Ever wonder how a guy’s guy can sell skin care? To quote one of the very successful Real men in the business, “Women like a little grey, but wrinkles?—not so much!” Danny, a former construction worker who now sells skin care, “what I’m […]



  REAL-WHAT DOES THAT MEAN TO YOU? Tired of the hype, so was I, so Nerium International was a breath of fresh air. Not only real but real simple- one product—an age-defying night cream with real results backed with clinical tests. Nerium International is a company that is also in partnership with a highly respected […]