Recession/Depression Defined


  Recession/Depression Defined   Carolyn Walker   Definition: Recession: when your neighbor loses their job Definition: Depression: when you lose your job While this may be a tongue and cheek definition, the reality of our economy seems to be an uneven recovery. According to the Wall Street Journal, (Monday April 1, 2013) 14 cities now have […]

Bad Bosses!


 Bad Bosses!  By Carolyn Walker  Having been stung by a Queen Bee back in graduate school, I thought my whole life would perish. It affected my mood, my physical health, my mental stability and was a threat to my future earning potential.  I was scared, I was angry and I felt trapped and helpless. I […]

Tax Problems and Chicago Politics in Washington


February 2, 2009 – I’m guilty of reading that right wing extremist publication called The Wall Street Journal (WSJ). But I’m highly educated in business and I’ve yet to find a better source for the truth. You can compare the “What’s News” section to the headlines and articles in your local paper and see the […]