Modern History Press Releases Nominations for the 96th Annual Society of Midland Authors Book Awards

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Ann Arbor, MI — Modern History Press, Michigan, has just nominated authors Tyler R. Tichelaar and Anya Achtenberg for the 96th Society of Midland Authors (SMA) Book Awards. Tichelaar’s The Gothic Wanderer: From Transgression to Redemption raises the bar for literary criticism of the gothic classics for a new generation while linking them firmly to […]

Our Long Love Affair with the Gothic


Gothic is very relevant to our lives; it speaks to us today; two hundred years after the great Gothic novels were written. “What the people in the decades following the French Revolution and during the Victorian period dreamt, feared, longed for, and sought, is still what we dream, fear, long for, and seek today,” says author Tyler […]

Why is Gothic Literature Still Popular in the 21st Century?

Gothic Wanderer

Since the French Revolution, the Gothic’s popularity has reserved a special place in literature; we in 21st century being no less fascinated by it than the 19th-centry Romantic. In this Preface to his book, The Gothic Wanderer: From Transgression to Redemption; Gothic Literature from 1794 – present (Modern History Press, 2012), author Tyler R. Tichelaar […]