A New Generation of Greatness?


A New Generation of Greatness? ~ Amy Lignor Yes, there are many families in many different sports where the grandfather, father and son, or mother and daughter, etc., have played the sport, won the accolades, and proven to everyone out there that abilities and talents most definitely are a part of the ‘family tree’. And […]

This Week in St. Augustine & Ponte Vedra!

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   May 19, 2014 Monday – Monday: May 19 – 26 The Award-Winning Journey: 450 Years of the African-American Experience - Recognized by the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation as  an outstanding heritage education program, Journey: 450 Years of the African American Experience covers the long and storied history of African-Americans in St. Augustine. The story of African-Americans […]

NOW…Just Play Football!


NOW…Just Play Football!  ~ Amy Lignor Michael Sam. This is a man whose name is all over the place this morning. He is a football player – a very good football player, who knows how to get the job done on the field. In other words, he is a perfect pick for most teams in […]

Getting in Shape or Winning Competitions: Weight Training is #1


Getting in Shape or Winning Competitions: Weight Training is #1 ~ZZ Troutski In this age of health and physical fitness, the need for weight training has grown substantially. Gyms are overloaded, with more and more franchises having to open across the country just to handle the overflow of people who wish to change their lives […]

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss – It’s Ignorance


  Ignorance Isn’t Bliss – It’s Ignorance   Very recently headlines emerged about the latest NFL player to ‘allegedly’ take another human being’s life. If you were watching your TV sets at the time, on another station there was a man being tried for killing another young man, which brought the bigotry debate once again […]

For ‘Dallas’ Fans, A Trip to Cardwell Ranch is a Whole Lot of Fun!


Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch was a true bestseller, offering enjoyment to over two million readers. So it’s certainly been a chore for most to have to wait for this sequel. Much like the ever-popular Ewing’s based at South Fork in Dallas, people want to see what happens next at the Cardwell Ranch. Two storylines […]

Are We Seeing the Death of the ‘Sports Hero?’

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  Are We Seeing the Death of the ‘Sports Hero?’   Sports heroes have meant a great deal to countries around the globe since the beginning of time. All the way back to Ancient Greece with the very first Olympic Games, sports figures have found their way into history books and have gone on and […]

What is Art?

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    Whatever else art may be, it is certainly an activity which creates an emotional link between the artist and the audience. This can happen largely through the simplicity of the artist’s rendering of a particular subject, and the ability of the artist to translate his or her vision into what is seen as […]

The New Football Season QB’s – Are We Focusing on the Wrong Ones?


The New Football Season QB’s – Are We Focusing on the Wrong Ones?   Yes, there is Tebow. Will he rise up to slap Denver in the face, proving that they never should have let him get away? There is Manning. Will he make sure to show Denver that he IS the end all and […]

A ‘Bow and a Curtsy’ to the London People!


A ‘Bow and a Curtsy’ to the London People!   Rio looks as if it will be a blast; a fun ‘party’ atmosphere for the 2016 Olympic Games. But before we get our ‘samba’ on, we need to take a moment to look back and thank the United Kingdom for a truly fantastic global event. […]