Israel Revisited via a Collage Culled from Home Movies


  Israel: A Home Movie Film Review by Kam Williams Most people’s general impressions of Israel come as a result of watching news stories prepared by professional journalists. If you’re interested in getting a more intimate feeling of the country untainted by politics, you might want to check out this documentary by Eliav Lilti. The movie is basically […]

Connnecticut School Shootings


    Adam Lanza entered a grade school in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday morning,  December 14, with multiple weapons where he killed 20 young students, and six adults and then himself just as first responders were about to arrive.  Lanza was described as quiet, reclusive, and painfully shy. He apparently  had easy access to both […]

In Difficult Times Change The World


  We live in difficult times. Economies are failing. Nations are increasingly ungovernable. Many seek even to destroy one another. Yet citizens of the world are hopeful. Many will try to decide what can be done to change the world for the better. Changing the world is not just a matter to be considered by […]

Libertarians ask Floridians to “Touch My Junk”

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Libertarians ask Floridians to “Touch My Junk” PALM HARBOR, FLORIDA – Though they don’t want the TSA touching their “junk” at airport checkpoints, Libertarians are inviting all Floridians to touch their junk this weekend.   The Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) has announced plans to conduct “Touch My Junk” yard sales by its membership across Florida […]

Al Franken Supports Kendrick Meek for Senate

Now Kendrick Meek is locked in an intense battle for a Senate seat, and it’s Floridians like you who will see him through.

Politics Always Finds its Ugly Head in the Budget


March 12, 2009 – How about some insider information for at least some?  You may be aware of the politics of government spending and how it affects politicians.  Once in a great while, politicians do try to take the politics out of spending but it ALWAYS seeps back in. A few days ago, President Obama […]

Prayer for the President (even if he gets on your nerves)


February 9, 2009 – Okay.  It appears that I was wrong!  I predicted, though not to many people, that Obama would shut down the Office of Faith Based Initiatives started by W.  Yesterday the Wall Street Journal mentioned Obama’s initiative which is described by the Presidential Prayer Team as the “President’s Council on Faith.  By […]