Random Acts of Happiness!


  You may have heard of the movement to do “random acts of kindness”?   Well, we are starting a sub group called “Random acts of Happiness”!   Jeff Olson, CEO of Nerium International, in his “spare” time launched a magazine called Live Happy, which is all about the science of happiness.  Over the last 15 […]

Twenty Tips for Successful Living by Diane Wing

The True Nature of Energy

Diane Wing’s latest book The True Nature of Energy: Transforming Anxiety into Tranquility (Marvelous Spirit Press, 2013) lets readers gain a fresh perspective using the energies around them and harnessing the power at their fingertips, ultimately creating tranquility in their life. The following tips for successful living are included in the 10th chapter of her […]

Happiness =’s Success


Happiness =’s Success by Carolyn Walker Happy people typically have a pretty good sense of humor. And another thing, they are like magnets, because others like and want to be around them. They are not waiting to be happy after they get that raise, that next sale, that new house, that new boat, loose those […]