A Fierce Green Fire


  The Battle for a Living Planet Sunday, September 22, 5 p.m. / Skype interview with director Mark Kitchell follows screening A Fierce Green Fire is the first big-picture exploration of the environmental movement—grassroots and global activism spanning 50 years from conservation to climate change. Directed and written by Academy Award-nominated director Mark Kitchell (Berkeley in the Sixties) and narrated by Robert Redford, […]

The Green Register Shouts-Out to the ‘Fortune’ Coming in 2013!


The Green Register Shouts-Out to the ‘Fortune’ Coming in 2013!   Even the name – Fortune Brainstorm Green: Sustainable Solutions – jumps right off the page. This is what the environmental community is all about, after all – brainstorming. The ability to research, discover, discuss, investigate and find a way to work together in order […]

Awards Season is Almost Upon Us.


  Awards Season is Almost Upon Us. But Let’s Remember the ‘Green’ Carpet is the One That Really Shines!   What does Dr. Seuss, “Don Cheadle is Captain Planet” and the television drama, Dallas, allhave in common? I know, a real stumper, right? Well…if you are an award’s enthusiast, you would know that each one […]

Silence, Comfort, Warmth & Environmentally Sound:


  Silence, Comfort, Warmth & Environmentally Sound: It’s rare that a company comes along with a product line that’s not only needed and desired by contractors, architects, interior designers, as well as the ‘do-it-yourselfer’ who has a remodeling project that must be done well, but also provides a product line that makes the work easier, […]

Are You Looking To Expand Your Writing Portfolio


  Are you looking to expand your writing  portfolio.  Be First Media Group has a large network of small online papers to give you the exposure you desire.  St Aug News and The Green Register are doing over 2500 readers per day each.   Our other publications are getting 700 to 1500 readers per day.     […]

Green Tip: Household Waste Makes Great Oranic Fertilizer


Think about the last time you went on a hike to some picturesque lake or mountain. No matter where it was, you probably saw at least one piece of trash lying around. The trash certainly didn’t add to your experience; it was probably gross and out of place. The problem is that it’s hard to […]

Green Tip: How inefficient is your HVAC system exactly


Imagine your home on a blistering summer day with no AC or in the dead of winter with no heater. Based strictly on comfort, it’s a very good thing we have the luxury of both these systems. But your wallet might have a different perspective. Within most buildings, the heating and air conditioning systems consume […]

Attention Businesses! It is Time For Green Design!

Attention Businesses!  It is Time For Green Design!   As we’ve spoken about over the past month, The Green Register is a truly fantastic website that brings all things ‘green’ into our universe.  However, what readers must also know is that The Green Register is also a brilliant voice for the modern world.   It […]

The Green Register!

The Green Register! Get a Look at All This Remarkable Online News Service  Provides The Green Register is, quite simply, the best online green magazine in the world today.  The Green Register was begun to offer everyone – consumers and businesses – the latest information on green and eco-friendly products and services, as well as […]

Begin to Uncover the World of “Green Building Science”

Begin to Uncover the World of “Green Building Science” Through The Remarkable Online Newspaper – The Green Register We have recently spoken about the incredible online publication that offers consumers and businesses the chance to learn, communicate, educate, and purchase the latest in products and services that are eco-friendly, nature friendly, and green called, The […]