The Core of the ‘Village’ is Mom


The Core of the ‘Village’ is Mom  ~ Carmen Schwartz Whenever we speak about animals, the environment, helping kids, doing things better in order to make the next generation not only proud, but also have the ability to live in a good, clean world with good, clean air – there is an important person in […]

The Healthiest Lifestyle


The Healthiest Lifestyle: Entrepreneurship has many rewards; one of them is your Health!  According to a recent Gallup study, the self-employed are less likely to have chronic illnesses such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. And I would wager a bet there are fewer auto immune disorders, too. More entrepreneurs report regular […]

Is This The Opportunity For YOU To Create Real Wealth?


  Is This The Opportunity For YOU To Create Real Wealth? ~Betsy Smith  Wow! I love this Industry, Relationship Marketing!! It’s an Industry where a stay at home mom can earn as much money as the CEO of a large company and a janitor can make as much money as someone who has a PHD. […]

Waiting For Your Microsoft Moment


  by Betsy Smith Nerium International at less than two years old is already in huge momentum!  Jeff Olson, CEO, Dennis Windsor, President and the other founders are doing everything right.  Posting $100 million in sales in their first full year is testament to that. Being in the HOT beauty space and more specifically in […]

Why Is Harvard Teaching This Business Model?


by Betsy Smith Some people are afraid of Network Marketing.  But this short video explains it simply.  And it includes an interview with a professor at Harvard who explains why they are now teaching it at Harvard. Some people call it a pyramid, but when you think about the structure of a corporation, that is […]

The Dream of Holding “Thunder and Lightning” in Your Hands!

Winchester s1895

  The Dream of Holding “Thunder and Lightning” in Your Hands!   Someone recently was speaking about the ‘best of the best’ when it came to rifles. In fact, they described the rifle as ‘the finest ever made.’ This weapon is one made for celebrities, monarchs and wealthy enthusiasts who have each put out over […]

The Crisis


  As I gaze out upon the American landscape I am greatly saddened. I know this is not a feeling that I am alone with – others are sharing the almost desperate need to see our country get back ‘online.’ I mean, just watching the Olympic Games and seeing all countries come together and unite […]

Prepare to Come About


Prepare to Come About   Schooner Freedom Charters  72’ We were given permission to come aboard the 72 foot Schooner Freedom (after paying our fare at the entry to the harbor). This is a replicated 19th century blockade-runner sailing ship built in 1981.  It is a true Tall Ship as it has two masts and […]

Libertarian Chairman to Challenge REAL ID in Court Wednesday

Libertarian Chairman to Challenge REAL ID in Court Wednesday September 6, 2011 CLEARWATER, FLORIDA – The State of Florida will be facing a legal challenge to the new driver’s license requirements as mandated by the Department of Homeland Security under the REAL ID Act.  Libertarian Party of Florida Chairman and syndicated radio talk host Adrian Wyllie […]