The NFL Teams Waiting For the Spotlight!


  Get Ready!   In a year from now, how will you and I end up defining the 2012/13 football season? I mean…look at how it’s beginning. The draft has come and gone and there were many stories and highlights that came out of it. The players seem…well, I hate to say this, but…smarter!   […]

Did Fans Watch a Dynasty Fall?


  Derrick Rose…the cheers, the thrills, the fantastic shots, the amazement he gave to fans on the court was really something. But why am I using past tense here? Well, as we all know by now – and some of us who are still sobering up to the fact that it actually occurred – Derrick […]

In the Eye of the Tornado…Gear Up for RGIII!


  Yes, the draft has come and gone; new names have risen to the top of the heap and all eyes are now settled on what the sports world is calling the ‘cream of the crop.’ Funny thing is, draft picks number’s one and two have come straight out of the gate as slight phenomenons. […]

I’ll Have Another Just Might!


  The Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont is the combination that all owners, trainers and even horses want to win! You have to travel back quite a long time – to 1978, in fact – to meet up with a Triple Crown winner, but this year there is talk that history is finally about to […]

Primetime is Long Gone…But is Showtime Here?


Is Morris Claiborne the X-Factor Dallas Has Been Missing? Ah, the memory of Deion…going up and down that field, left and right, backwards and forwards – confusing everyone so much that even his own team couldn’t figure out which direction they had to head in to score the actual touchdown. Some people hated him – […]