Better Way Health Talks MOTIVATION!

Blue Flax 3 pack

Better Way Health Talks MOTIVATION!   Motivation is the Key! Oh, yes, everyone will speak about diet plans, fitness programs, and all that you can do in order to look and feel better. But what most doctors do not explain when you step on that scale and feel as if the only way to get […]

Give Yourself a Longer Life!


Better Way Health & YOUR Immune System Give Yourself a Longer Life!   People are always talking about your immune system. Every time cold and flu season comes along, the news and information becomes even greater, but the actual bottom line when it comes to your immune system is that you have to constantly work […]

St. Jude’s Children Hospital Aids Researchers With Genome Data


Like the old slogan says, sharing is caring. St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and the Washington University Pediatric Cancer Genome Project recently announced that it would share its comprehensive human cancer genome data for free access by the scientific community to be used in research regarding cancer and other diseases. The release of data is the largest-ever by an organization […]

Florida Known for Sandy Beaches, Sunshine and Cancer Clusters?

  “State health officials have said a lot about The Acreage in the past week.  They said they’ve found a cluster of childhood brain cancer in the community, a semi-rural swath filled with dirt roads and private wells. They said they don’t see any apparent cause, and that they aren’t planning environmental tests to find […]