Looking for YOUR Microsoft Moment?

Betsy R. Smith-Nerium AD-

  Pinch me.  I have found myself at the right place at the right time for the very first time.  Ever wished you could have seen the future with Microsoft, Apple or Google?  Ever found yourself buying a lottery ticket even though you know the odds of winning are about the same whether you own […]

Salon and Spa owner Sharon’s Powerful Nerium Story!


by Betsy Smith   With just one product so far (an anti-aging night cream) and in one country, Nerium International sold $100 Million in product in its first full year.  That is a testimony to the fact that it works.  And the company even banked everything on its before and after pictures and a 90 […]

Salon and Spa Owners: Be the FIRST!


  by Betsy Smith To all salon and spa owners!  Have you heard of Nerium?  Products powered by the oleander plant! We have programs to help you bring in extra income, whether you are looking for $2-4k a month or even more.  Now is the time to be the first in your area to learn […]