Nerium Outperforms Google, Apple and Microsoft in First Year Sales!


  Nerium International is barely over 2 years old and the numbers are in.  In Nerium’s first full year with just one product (Nerium AD anti-aging night cream) Nerium BLEW away Apple, Google and Microsoft’s first year numbers. Nerium posted a whopping $100 million in its first full year.  Microsoft was $3.5 million, Apple was […]

Money Woes of Women


Money Woes of Women ~By Carolyn Walker Women typically have less money than men. Their investment and savings portfolios are smaller than men.  Women are accused of shopping and spending they are upset. They are accused of being risk adverse and too emotional about money. None of these urban myths are really the heart of […]

Salon and Spa owner Sharon’s Powerful Nerium Story!


by Betsy Smith   With just one product so far (an anti-aging night cream) and in one country, Nerium International sold $100 Million in product in its first full year.  That is a testimony to the fact that it works.  And the company even banked everything on its before and after pictures and a 90 […]

NeriumAD— I’ve heard of that…


by Carolyn Walker What is that stuff? It is a Miracle!   Because it is an anti-aging night cream treatment that actually works!  According to Amber Olsen-Rourke, Nerium International Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing and Culture, “Many products go to market with a 2-7% change. NeriumAD averages a 30% change in 30 days.” Naturally people […]

The Funk


The Funk by Carolyn Walker  It is easy to let self-doubts creep in and in fact even the most successful and self-confident individuals occasionally get bitten by this “bug.” Jeff Olson, CEO and founder of Nerium International calls it the “funk.” Usually it involves questioning ourselves, reviewing all our mistakes, doubting all our decisions, and […]

Be Your Own Boss! Own a Franchise!


Be Your Own Boss! Own a Franchise! ~ Carolyn Walker   Great idea, but have you looked at the cost?  With the U S slowly emerging from the “great recession” who has an extra few thousand dollars in the bank or can get credit to borrow several thousand?  In looking over the costs from one […]

The Chain Gang


The Chain Gang by Carolyn Walker I was part of it, for a long time. Maybe you were, too. Or maybe you still are.  Some chains are worse than others. At first, I was thrilled to be a part of it, and then slowly the thrill wore off. Some chains are more binding than others.  […]

Salon and Spa Owners: Be the FIRST!


  by Betsy Smith To all salon and spa owners!  Have you heard of Nerium?  Products powered by the oleander plant! We have programs to help you bring in extra income, whether you are looking for $2-4k a month or even more.  Now is the time to be the first in your area to learn […]