NeriumAD— I’ve heard of that…


by Carolyn Walker What is that stuff? It is a Miracle!   Because it is an anti-aging night cream treatment that actually works!  According to Amber Olsen-Rourke, Nerium International Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing and Culture, “Many products go to market with a 2-7% change. NeriumAD averages a 30% change in 30 days.” Naturally people […]

Is This The Opportunity For YOU To Create Real Wealth?


  Is This The Opportunity For YOU To Create Real Wealth? ~Betsy Smith  Wow! I love this Industry, Relationship Marketing!! It’s an Industry where a stay at home mom can earn as much money as the CEO of a large company and a janitor can make as much money as someone who has a PHD. […]

Whine, Whine, Whine: Women and Wrinkles


Whine, Whine, Whine: Women and Wrinkles   by Carolyn Walker Tired of the hype, the false promises, the ridiculous advertising? What if there was a product backed by scientific research from prestigious universities and an international biotechnology firm that offered a 100% money back guarantee? And you could actually see the real results from real people […]

What Does Your American Dream Look Like?

american dream

~By Carolyn Walker   Listening to Hillary Rodham Clinton addressing the “Women in the World Summit” set me to thinking about the whole issue of women, rights, income, power, opportunity, equality, education, family responsibilities and all things that we as women do, are responsible for, are challenged by and what we are still fighting for. One […]

Brian D’Amato Scares & Thrills with ‘Beauty’


A very interesting book, this story comes out of the blue and offers the reader something they didn’t expect. Although books have been written about the egotistical ‘jet set’ before, D’Amato sets his tale apart by not only offering action, suspense and a little gore, but also provides a very scary learning experience for anyone […]

Reversing the Aging Process with Spray La Vie!


  Reversing the Aging Process with Spray La Vie!   When the concept of sunless tanning arrived on the health and beauty scene, it literally changed the way people looked at the great outdoors. In other words, the benefits that came from spending time in the sun changed to negatives almost overnight.   As we […]

Beauty & Health Go Hand-in-Hand!


  Now…I know what you’re thinking. Why would anyone even need a tan in the state of California? I mean, isn’t it simply a given that you have that nice coloring because of the constant rays of sunshine that exist in that area of the world?  Well…not exactly.  And Thousand Oaks is just one of […]

Mythica: Models, Beauty and Suicide Girls Oh My!!!


  … I asked about Suicide Girls © on my website because a photographer wants to hire me to paint a potential girl… Prior to being asked I had never heard of them other than in passing. I thought they were a band honestly. Turns out they started out as a women owned alternative edgy, […]