In Sports…Let’s Hear it For the Girls!


In Sports…Let’s Hear it For the Girls!   Remember that great song by Whitney Houston? Let’s Hear it For the Boys? Sure you do. We were all closet junkies when it came to watching Footloose. Anyway, the headlines of today‘s sports news got me to thinking about that song once again. And today I wish […]

Football…Remember the Love of the Game?

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Football…Remember the Love of the Game? This is one of those articles where you will agree and nod your head, or scream out at me about the injustice of the world. Either way, we all have the right to our opinion… Remember the gridiron? Remember the gritty, painful game of football? My Dad and I […]

NFL Stadiums…The Past Needs to Be Remembered!


NFL Stadiums…The Past Needs to Be Remembered! Yes, I am a Niners fan. The rolling of the eyes and the chuckling can begin BUT, you need to do it now because they are coming back to put on a new run, a new show, and a new dynasty for all to envy. Anyway…as a 49ers […]

Should a QB be Judged on Height?


Should a QB be Judged on Height?   Recently a story appeared in the media reminding everyone of a still undrafted QB who has proven his skill and talent beyond belief, by the name of Kellen Moore.   It’s not news that Moore already knows he’s the underdog when it comes to the NFL Draft […]

The 2012 King of Kings? I say, YES!


Yes, readers, I called it two weeks ago.   I’ll Have Another was the horse that blew the minds of fans at the Kentucky Derby. In fact, his rival, Bodemeister, was the one who was supposed to take it all in this year’s slightly sorry looking crop of three-year-olds, but I’ll Have Another was the […]

A Sports Auction Brings ‘Babe’ Back Into the Limelight!


This is a world that has seriously been taken over by reality shows that concentrate on the ‘good old stuff.’ Everything from Pawn Stars to the Auction Hunters – we are obsessed with ‘junk.’ Of course, this is rich junk; the kind that one would look at and believe not to be worth a plug […]

A New All-Star That Will Lead L.A. to the World Series?


  You Never Know… Baseball is not in the headlines right now. As we know, they always take a backseat at this time in order for us to concentrate on those basketball players shaking it up, and to watch those hockey sticks raise high in the air before coming down to crack someone‘s jaw. Add […]

The Spurs…The Celtics…Can We Talk?


There are many stories out there regarding these, here, basketball finals. Some are saying that the Spurs are duller than dishwater and that they deserve no place in the ‘Big Show.’ On the other side of the fence, there are many who are routing for the Celtics to see their glory days return, while still […]

The Final Bell Resounds as an Elite Man and an Elite Boxer Passes On


Johnny Tapia…this is not a new name – and it is certainly a name that has been plagued by some extremely ominous and eerie issues throughout his lifetime. The ominous is now over, because yesterday in his Albuquerque, New Mexico home, Johnny was found dead.   I know there are some out there who are […]

Extra! Extra! Andretti Wins Indy Nope – Curse Still Remains!


You know, the Indy 500 is one of those things you really want to see. Alas, it’s mostly because you want to see who runs into the wall or beats the crap out of a rival driver – not because you actually want to see who wins. And one of the most difficult things about […]