Cubs V. Mets: Youth, Predictions & A Whole Lot of Fun

  Cubs V. Mets: Youth, Predictions & A Whole Lot of Fun By Amy Lignor   Yes, the Mets lead. Game 1 is in their win column, but if they think those Cubs are going down easily, they should think again.   This is one of the very first times in the sports nation where […]

St. Johns County Offers Hastings Spring Baseball Clinics

St. Johns County Offers Hastings Spring Baseball Clinics 10:30 a.m. / April 18 – May 16, 2015 Al Wilkie Field 6140 S Main Street   St. Johns County is offering free instructional baseball clinics in Hastings this spring to teach fundamentals of the sport including basic skills, sportsmanship, and team building. Scheduled for 10:30 p.m. […]

SanFran’s Cinderella Man

SanFran’s Cinderella Man ~ Amy Lignor There is still a long road to walk…well, seven BIG steps at the most, if you want to narrow it down. The Royals could just be in that Cinderella season that harkens back to the 1980’s – the last decade they showed their faces on the diamond during the […]

N.Y. Baseball Shows Signs of Jurassic Park

     by Amy Lignor This year the Yankees have already received more publicity than half the NFL teams who are truly struggling with some brutal injuries and court cases. A-Rod has been a bone of contention for months  now, and even though the fans are behind him, his continuous headlines seem to take away […]

The Epicenter of the Earthquake Last Night Came From the San Francisco Civic Center!!

  Yes, those San Francisco Giants fans SOOOOO wanted their team to be at home last night, but – hey – in the end, does it matter? The partying, the screams of joy, the rocking of that civic center… Frankly, you could feel it all the way to New Mexico! It felt like Aerosmith was […]

Are the Yankees Looking at Number 28?

  Are the Yankees Looking at Number 28?   The analysts are analyzing…the newscasters are preaching…and the name on everyone’s lips – yet again – is the indescribable and still highly popular New York Yankees. Yes, there are those who will breathe a deep sigh after reading that line, or roll their eyes, BUT no […]

A Comeback in the Making?

Everyone is talking about it; the headlines that are all over the place across the World Wide Web when it comes to the sport of baseball focus on the fact that the Oakland A’s have shown the world that they can beat the almighty Yankees!   Yes…most fans say that the Yankees are what baseball […]

A Goodbye to LeRoy Ellis – An NBA Great!

A Goodbye to LeRoy Ellis – An NBA Great!   As excitement in the sports world grows with the NBA finals, the NHL hunt for that Stanley Cup, NASCAR honoring a man who left the race too soon, and a tiny horse named “I’ll Have Another” that may just make the ultimate headlines this year […]

A Sports Auction Brings ‘Babe’ Back Into the Limelight!

This is a world that has seriously been taken over by reality shows that concentrate on the ‘good old stuff.’ Everything from Pawn Stars to the Auction Hunters – we are obsessed with ‘junk.’ Of course, this is rich junk; the kind that one would look at and believe not to be worth a plug […]

A New All-Star That Will Lead L.A. to the World Series?

  You Never Know… Baseball is not in the headlines right now. As we know, they always take a backseat at this time in order for us to concentrate on those basketball players shaking it up, and to watch those hockey sticks raise high in the air before coming down to crack someone‘s jaw. Add […]