Intensity, Beauty: Creations of Spirit From the Mind of Helen Harrison


Intensity, Beauty: Creations of Spirit From the Mind of Helen Harrison   An artist is defined as a creator; someone who does something skillfully and beautifully. There are artists in all areas of life, from a mother with her child to a player in a sports arena making the perfect shot to a writer or […]

Mythica: More Than Just Paint

Anna by Wyl Williams Photography

There are some amazingly talented body painters out there in the world. They are paid top dollar for what they do. I dream of being one of them here VERY soon. I learn from each one. I am inspired by their extraordinary skills. I don’t know the stories that are behind their pictures. What was […]

The Weekend in St. Augustine and Ponte Vedra

Friday: February 3 First Fridy Artwalk Enjoy the latest exhibits, music, entertainment and refreshments at more than 20 St. Augustine art galleries.  Don’t miss potter Worley Faver and painter Russ Wilson, along with painters Claire Kendrick, Kristin Hosbein and  Wendy Norton who will display a stunning collection of their work at the Worley Faver Gallery, […]

Selections for Megacon Indie Film Expo 2012 Announced

Selections for Megacon Indie Film Expo 2012 Announced A number of cutting-edge award-winning independent films have been selected for presentation at this year’s Megacon on February 17-18th. Each year the Megacon Indie Film Expo showcases cutting-edge short independent films in the important genres of action, animation, anime, comedy, horror, super-hero, science fiction, suspense, and zombie. […]

10 Reasons Why Art is Good for Kids (and Adults)


10 Reasons Why Art is Good for Kids (and Adults) 1) Art Generates a Love of Learning & Creativity. Art develops a willingness to explore what has not existed before. Art teaches risk taking, learning from one’s mistakes, and being open to other possibilities. Kids who are creative are also curious and passionate about knowing more. 2) Art […]

Drawing on Earth is a new 501(c)3 Nonprofit That Inspires Art and Creativity


Drawing on Earth is a new 501(c)3 nonprofit that inspires art and creativity in youth and communities around the world. Their first event set a Guinness World Record for the largest street painting (also know as pavement art and chalk drawing). The world record now is 90,000 sq. ft. (300 x 300 ft., almost 2 […]

Mythica: Painting a Koi Vision

Koi Fish Vision by Shaneophoto

I could try to explain the sacred mystery that an artist goes through when they are inspired to do something, but every artist is unique, and every inspiration is also unique. My friend Alicia asked if she could post to my wall/timeline some body painting images she found. I said yes. One of those images […]

Walk on White, Black on White at The Harrison Gallery

Black is not a color, white is-no wait-black is a color, not white. Something we can all disagree upon.  This month’s Third Thursday, Walk on White BLACK ON WHITE show will be featuring various artists and their use of these two extreme “colors” along with other less controversial ones. The ultimate contrast, BLACK is formal […]

Harrison Gallery Walk on White



Stellers Gallery at Ponte Vedra to Feature Four Renowned Artists

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Stellers Gallery at Ponte Vedra to feature four renowned artists in a new group show, Nov. 18    Stellers Gallery at Ponte Vedra will exhibit the new artwork of four renowned artists during the group show, Ebb and Flow. The painters and mixed media artists are to be featured at the opening on Friday, November […]