The Witch’s Brew Under Your Bathroom Sink

Potion of thieving

  The Witch’s Brew Under Your Bathroom Sink by Carolyn Walker Oh no, you actually bought that anti-aging cream they were advertising on TV? And they said it was guaranteed? To do what?  And how long was it supposed to take? And now it’s not doing what they said it would? Well, how long have you […]

Guy’s Guys Using Anti-aging Skin Care?


  Guy’s Guys Using Anti-aging Skin Care? by Betsy Smith Who says only women want to look younger?  The hot-anti aging market has expanded to men and is booming!  In fact around 20% of men are already using some kind of skin cream.  And there is no question that men understand the business opportunities related […]

The Wicked Witch of Aging—Banished!!!


  The Wicked Witch of Aging—Banished!!! by Carolyn Walker Don’t’ we all wish for that!! Unfortunately, no one can stop father time, however, Nerium Biotech along with MD Anderson Cancer Research Institute have found a way to slow it down. And their ground breaking research with the Nerium oleander plant is nothing short of miraculous! […]

Meet the “Millionaire Maker”, Jeff Olson


  Meet the “Millionaire Maker”, Jeff Olson by Carolyn Walker Jeff Olson, founder and CEO of Nerium International, is a giant in the direct marketing industry. He has been the key note speaker for the past 14 years at a major symposium in the network marketing industry.  In fact, Dennis Windsor, Co-founder and President of […]

Taking My Business to Town


  Taking My Business to Town by Betsy Smith I just love working from home.  But I also love getting out and taking my business with me.  What do I mean?  Opportune moments!  That means just getting out the door and doing those things you love. How better to network than to just go off […]

What in the world are “REAL” results?


  What in the world are “REAL” results? by Carol Kimball In the world of anti-aging skin care, hype and marketing claims abound, with few results.  What if a company could prove that their science works?  What if they got real people to try their product?   Finally, a breakthrough product has been created that provides […]

Nerium to the Rescue!


  Nerium to the Rescue! by Carol Kimball Have you been hearing the buzz about the accidental skin care discovery, Nerium AD? Have you seen the photos?  People are experiencing truly amazing – unprecedented – changes to their skin, not simply rehydration. This product is sweeping the country! Nerium AD is an all natural night […]

Mixing Business with Pleasure


  Mixing Business with Pleasure! by Betsy Smith Having been everything from a bond trader on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade to starting a carpet cleaning business and just about everything in between, I am so excited to have found a business that just seems like FUN! Paid to party?  Yes.  I […]

When Opportunity Knocks


When Opportunity Knocks by Betsy Smith Have you heard of Nerium International and their flagship product, Nerium AD?  Well, it is a company that is not even a year old and is spreading across the country rapidly, growing organically.  And REAL people are making some REAL money with it. Nerium AD is an age defying […]

The Accidental Company

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The Accidental Company by Betsy Smith Real is the word used daily in a company that’s genesis was from an accidental discovery by Nerium Biotechnology, and international research and development company while researching the potential uses of the Nerium oleander plant. “We had a eureka moment in our research labs when we stumbled upon what […]