St. Augustine’s COUNTDOWN


St. Augustine’s COUNTDOWN

450th Anniversary Celebration


St. Augustine, Florida, America’s very first city, will soon be filled with everything from ferry rides to artwork, fashion to music – everything a person desires when wishing to celebrate such an

Bridge of Lion's

Bridge of Lion’s

amazing anniversary. From September 3rd-8th, St. Augustine is the place to be! Here, the spirit of people who owned the courage, the hard work ethic, and the bravery necessary to build America’s first city back in 1565, comes to life. But St. Augustine is also a location that offers as much creatively as it does historically. Forward-thinkers who believed that the next step – whether that step be in art, business, or pure discovery – should always be taken, are behind each road and each building that visitors will see. This is the city that symbolizes inspiration and imagination, standing with pride after 4½ centuries, bringing honor to America.


Fort Casillo de San Marcos

Fort Casillo de San Marcos

The events that are among this celebration are so many and so varied, it’s impossible to name them all. There will be, fittingly, 450 events to take in when heading to the stunning location; from being a part of the Street and Music Festival, to cultural programming, a cake cutting ceremony, historical reenactments and activities galore for all ages. The Street and Music Festival will feature live entertainment by the perfect voices of Aaron Neville, Mavis Staples, Emmylou Harris—and those are only a handful you will get a chance to enjoy.


On September 3rd, festivities will begin with a free kick-off concert; a unit of three bands that hail from Aviles, Spain – which is St. Augustine’s sister city – will perform, to bring the culture and music of Spain alive once again in St. Augustine.


The Old Jail that has not only been featured on the TV series “Ghost Hunters,” but is also listed on the National Register of Haunted Places, is offering guided paranormal investigations for the celebration. The Old Jail Museum will educate you on the facility; the most dangerous prisoners, as well the Death Row cell for those condemned to die. A total of eight men were hung from the Gallows during its history…perhaps the ghosts themselves will be seen.


Tour the Historic Peña-Peck House during the five-day celebration. This house was first constructed in the mid 1700’s by order of the King of Spain to be the residence of his very own royal Treasurer, Juan Esteban de Peña. You will be awestruck at seeing one of the finest surviving First Spanish Period homes in the Nation’s Oldest City.


If you’re into history and fashion, a Gilded Age Fashion show will be recreated by the Flagler College Theatre Department inside Flagler College’s Rotunda.


St Augustine ECO Tours

St Augustine ECO Tours

If it’s the sea that calls out to you, a Labor Day trip with St Augustine ECO Tours is the way to go, with offerings of Authentic Sailing Excursion
Join the Captains of St. Augustine Eco Tours for a professionally guided 2-hour sailing excursion in the estuary, and one of the most unique and user friendly kayak tours in the Southeast.


A historic and romantic location to top off your visit would be to base your stay at the Bayfront Westcott House St Augustine B&B.  As their website

Bayfront Westcott House St Augustine B&B

Bayfront Westcott House
St Augustine B&B

states, Romantic St Augustine. Perhaps it is St. Augustine’s oft-tragic history that fills her air with passion. Passion for everything. Art, food, literature, history, mystery, music.


And the home of everyone’s favorite elixir, The Fountain of Youth Park, will reenact Menendez’s Landing and throw a huge feast for everyone! The Feast of Thanksgiving and Landing celebrates the founding of St. Augustine. Reenactors will land at the Fountain of Youth, march around the Park, and settle in to enjoy a perfectly recreated Thanksgiving meal that exactly mirrors the first documented U.S. Thanksgiving Feast held in this very spot 450 years ago.


You will even be able to tour the Fort Matanzas National Monument. Taking a ferry ride out to Rattlesnake Island, the Spanish cannons at this fortress once guarded the southern approach to St. Augustine, and will once again come to life.


And, of course, the “rocket’s red glare” will be seen at a spectacular fireworks show to be held over the Matanzas River.


St. Augustine is the pride and joy of America, and all visitors will have an unforgettable time walking through history, while enjoying everything from culinary delights to the historic procession of Pedro Menéndez’s landing at the Mission Nombre de Dios. This procession will head straight to the Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine where a Commemorative Mass will be held.


True fun, excitement, adventure – St. Augustine is the place to be as the outstanding city celebrates its founding over 450 years ago!


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