Spotlighting the Texas State of Mind


Spotlighting the Texas State of Mind


There are two ‘values’ when it comes to buying rural real estate: financial and intrinsic. The financial is obvious; land is a stable and reliable investment in this day and age. More important, many times, is the non-financial intrinsic value; a deep-rooted, innate, core value. It is a value that spans from generation to generation, transforming a ‘piece of property’ into a place to call home and a place to return to. And there is no location more understanding of this intrinsic mindset than the Lone Star State.


Charles Davidson Partner Republic Ranches

Charles Davidson Partner Republic Ranches

Charles Davidson is a Partner/Agent with the popular Republic Ranches team. This is a group that spans the state of Texas, working diligently to make sure that a person and/or family is matched perfectly with the land they’re searching for. In Texas, Oklahoma and beyond, the reach of the Republic Ranches team continues to grow. Their professionalism and dedication to their work makes the financial value of purchasing property a given. But when adding in their passion for the land, and their ultimate goal of discovering the one property that has all the factors a buyer is looking for, makes the intrinsic value of Republic Ranches shine.


Being a 4th generation Texan, Charles Davidson represents the strength, honor, pride and heart that is the ‘Texas State of Mind’, which makes him the man to turn to when looking to acquire the property of your dreams.



Mr. Davidson, could you talk about growing up in Texas?


Since the early 1900’s my family has been a part of Texas. I was actually born and raised in the Houston area, but when I was still just a boy I became what you might call a bit of a ‘maverick’ when it came to city life. At a young age, I was extremely intrigued with rural Texas, and enjoyed everything the outdoors provided. Hunting, fishing, camping—I was enamored with the Great ‘Texas’ Outdoors, and leaned away from the more ‘industrial’ environments. My love of rural life grew over time. My volunteer efforts over the last several decades have centered around conservation, outdoor pursuits and enhancing wildlife populations, wildlife habitat and native rangelands. I also ranch a bit in the western Hill Country.


Texas landowners speak a great deal about the ‘love’ of the land. Can you touch upon any differences you’ve seen over time in regards to purchasing real estate for only financial reasons, versus purchasing land in order to set up a family home/ranch?


Many of our buyer clients have dreamed at one time or another of having their own ranch. They don’t view it as a strictly financial investment. Of course, the financial value is there, but it really is that intrinsic value that plays a much more important role. Clients are looking for a place where the family can grow up and enjoy. Each client has their own unique objectives. They all have certain factors they want when it comes to the land they are purchasing, and when we at Republic Ranches are able to locate the property that is the best fit for them, it is extremely rewarding.


Making improvements to the land; revitalizing of habitats, conservation, etc. – is this also a frequently talked about subject with landowners?


Absolutely. Any landowner, whether they purchase property for family/recreational use, cattle ranching, farming…they add extra value to their property when choosing to enhance the landscape. Some choose to add water resources, restore native rangelands or enhance wildlife populations – but all of these decisions are complex. It is finding the correct enhancements, whether it be what species may not be fulfilling its potential and need to be more appropriately managed, or finding ways to improve the habitat, range or productivity – all things are taken into consideration so the right things can be done for the betterment of both the land and the species that thrive on it, ultimately providing value to the owner/steward.


It was interesting that even with the fall-out in the real estate market that occurred in the U.S., it seemed that Texas was able to muster on with client’s still buying and selling property. Can you speak on the current status of the Texas real estate market?  


The average sales price of large parcels of rural land in Texas was reported to be $2,160 per acre in 2013, with the first half of 2014 showing another approximate 9% increase, to about $2,350 an acre. We are fortunate in Texas to have an economy benefitting from the recent expansion of the energy sector. In turn, land markets in Texas benefit from discretionary and investment dollars in the hands of folks that recognize the value of land. This is all about the fact that the land is not only a high quality and diversifying asset for investors and landowners, but also generating better and happier mental well-being, offering a family security because they have ‘found’ what they truly wanted.


The heritage and history of Texas must also make it a draw for many of those people who dreamed of owning a ranch?


Heritage is most definitely tied to the land here. Texas is a private lands state with approximately 97% of the surface in private hands. We do not have national parks and forests around every corner, so there is a vast expanse of land for private owners to purchase, work, enjoy and share with guests; not to mention, pass down through future generations. And the history is amazing to learn about. Republic Ranches has true historical properties listed. Take one, the Coggin Ranch, as an example. This is a property that can be traced back to true pioneers who settled in Texas back in 1857. You are talking about a state and properties that were a part of early settlements, Comanche raids and battles—land with an intensive past where trials and tribulations were fought and won. So it is also a great thrill when we can place a landowner with properties like this, so they can continue to thrive centuries later.


Could you tell us about the recent announcement between Republic and Fay Ranches?


Fay Ranches and Republic Ranches have struck up an alliance that will further expand each company’s reach, adding to the number of services we can provide to a client. We are looking forward to working together to represent multi-generational families, high-net-worth individuals, as well as institutional money managers, in buying and selling properties. Fay is a firm located in the Rocky Mountain West. Closer to home, we are looking forward to teaming up on future New Mexico listings, and are already working together on projects that have come about through both company’s efforts. By combining forces, the client will receive more benefits, as well as a myriad of contacts to help all landowners with any number of projects they need help with.


Can you talk about the youth of today, and how the goal of getting kids back outside and away from the computer is a goal of Republic Ranches?


The youth perspective is what the future is all about. It all comes back to our value discussion again. The science is clear that getting kids back to nature and away from the indoors and their technology realms for a while is a great thing for them and their families. These are the generations that will be stewarding these properties one day, and getting their interest peaked is important; whether that be by sitting in a deer blind and waiting for the whitetail to arrive, walking the senderos of the brush country, or planning a camping excursion to enjoy the perfect fishing trip. All of these things are a whole lot of fun, and I love to see kids become just as enamored as I was at their age when it came to the Great Outdoors. Equally important is to instill in the youth of today a deep appreciation for the outdoors and our natural resources so that rural land will continue to be a high quality asset from a financial perspective.


Republic Ranches definitely has a focus on youth.  Each member of our team has benefitted from and enjoys passing on a family heritage of the outdoors. We are committed to making sure that all clients, no matter what they’re searching for, are matched with the property that best meets every one of their needs, including the engagement of the next generation.



Whether already a part of the Texas land heritage and wish to expand or diversify; or, you are new to the land and wish to discover that ultimate place in the country, Republic Ranches is the name to remember. These are the ultimate ‘mavericks’ that want to work for their clients and provide them real value, so that their children’s children can learn, enjoy, and pass down the ‘Texas State of Mind’.



Original Source: Sportsmans




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Spotlighting the Texas State of Mind

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