Sookie Stackhouse is Back in Deadlocked

For any readers who have not yet dove into the world of Sookie Stackhouse, this new ‘step’ in the series is just another reason why you should.

Sookie Stackhouse was born with telepathic powers, and although she’s struggled with this all her life, she now has to face a picture in her head that she would really rather forget: Eric Northman, one of her friends, feeding off a young woman in his yard.


Sookie truly wants to rant and rave about the incident she’s seen, but calling her friend out is impossible. Why? Because the Vampire King of Louisiana has decided that now is the time to appear in Bon Temps, and if Sookie says anything, her friend may just be in the worst trouble of his whole unnatural life.


Trying to ‘see’ things the normal way, Sookie teams up with the local fire investigator to discover what killed this young woman. Keeping the ‘fanged’ situation to herself, Sookie truly begins to hope that the eventual diagnosis will have absolutely nothing to do with her, her friend, or the sight she can’t forget. Of course, not only does that not work out for her, but Sookie soon finds herself staring down a vile – and surprising – villain, that telepathy will simply not defeat.

Yes, there are vampires galore out there – as we all know. While some are very good and will live in the hearts of readers forever, there are some that simply miss the mark and try to ‘cash in’ on the craze. When it comes to Sookie Stackhouse, Harris is one author who is definitely on the winning side – and rightfully so. Although a bit slow in the beginning, this is an incredibly interesting plot that ‘ramps up’ the world of the vamps and doesn’t disappoint at the end.


Keep in mind, if not a vampire lover Harris has other novels out there besides her Sookie series that are truly a whole lot of fun! But if you don’t mind the ‘fangs that go bump in the night,’ begin this series form the very beginning and hold on for a truly entertaining ride!


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