Salon Owners Can Easily Add Over $30K To Their Bottom Line!

Salon Owners Can Easily Add Over $30K To Their Bottom Line!


Check out this chart that shows the math.  With just 10 new Nerium AD customers a month they can add over $17K in residual income to their bottom line.  And thanks to the Nerium Gives Back program they will receive an additional $15K in FREE inventory that they can sell or use to sample!


It is a no brainer for a salon.  Simply invest $500-$1000 to get started with 5-12 bottles of this amazing Nerium night cream.  Your customers will LOVE it.  It is just one easy step.  Apply at night and rinse in the morning.  And the results are guaranteed!


We have a patent on a powerful extract from the Nerium Oleander plant.  It is proven in research to be a natural antioxidant.  For more about the science, check out


In addition, we have a one-year guarantee that you will make at LEAST $5k in a year or we will make up the difference.


Salon owners across the country love this product and they especially LOVE the extra income.


For more specifics, contact me at 847-431-3536.  Betsy Smith


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