Relentless Pursuit

This is the third and, unfortunately, last installment in this author’s well-written series. But, as a quick piece of advice, I would say to all – read the other two first, as the stories do meld.


Just to catch you up. In Book I, False Pretenses, Shelby Sieger is hiding from her past and takes on a new identity, Zoe Broussard. Unfortunately, there is a ‘real’ Zoe Broussard out in the world that comes back to haunt her.


In Book II, Dangerous Mercy, the story begins three years after the first, and is really the reason to read the books in sequence, as there are many characters to keep up with.


With Book III, the main plot begins two years after the events that took place in the second installment (however, the subplot is related to the previous character.) Sax Landry (a new character) left an abusive home when he was a teenager, leaving his mother and sister behind. He is now at the point in his life where he‘s trying to locate his sister and follows the trail to Les Barbes, where he believes she is living.


In the meantime, murders are starting to ‘pop up’ in the town and the reason seems to be that poison is being injected into bottled water that is locally sold. While the hunt is going on for the culprit, Sax finds his sister, yet she finds it difficult to forgive him for leaving her behind when he ran away. Between the family element, and the suspense element, it is a good ending to the trilogy.


This series is very well-written and are good reads. The characters are all strong, likeable and the setting in the Bayou of Louisiana is both beautiful and creepy all at the same time.


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