Protect the Mexican Mountain WSA


Protect the Mexican Mountain WSA


The BLM Price Field Office appears ready to cave in to the demands of the Utah Back County Pilots Association (BCPA) by allowing the old and naturally reclaimed landing strip in the heart of the Mexican Mountain Wilderness Study Area (WSA) to be ”improved” to its pre-WSA condition.  There are several other backcountry airstrips in and near the San Rafael Swell that are available for BCPA and others to use and enjoy.   Since the Mexican

Rock art near the airstrip in the Mexican Mountain WSA. Photo copyright Ray Bloxham/SUWA.

Rock art near the airstrip in the Mexican Mountain
WSA. Photo copyright Ray Bloxham/SUWA.

Mountain airstrip is in a WSA, the BLM should manage the area to protect its wilderness resources rather than for recreational use by backcountry pilots.

Please tell the BLM to preserve the integrity of the WSA by denying this proposed airstrip maintenance project!

The Mexican Mountain backcountry airstrip was constructed by an oil company that drilled a test well in the area in 1975.  The airstrip was quickly abandoned in the same year after the company hit a dry hole and capped the well.  The airstrip has not been maintained since 1975.  Native plants are reclaiming the temporary scar inflicted on the landscape by the airstrip 38 years ago, but now the BCPA is pressuring the BLM to allow native vegetation to be removed and naturally eroded gullies to be filled and bladed.

Please tell the BLM to continue to protect the Mexican Mountain WSA by allowing the natural reclamation of the abandoned airstrip to continue, and by denying the proposed maintenance project.

Thank you,

Liz Thomas
Field Attorney
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance

Source: SUWA  / Baret News Wire

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