One Keyword Entrepreneurs Need to Know: “SEO”


One Keyword Entrepreneurs Need to Know: “SEO”

by Amy Lignor


It’s been around for a while, however, there are still many companies out there – most especially those being “started-up” as more entrepreneurs decide to take on new challenges – that still don’t quite understand the ins-and-outs of search engine optimization (SEO), and how essential it is to bring in the clients, build a brand, and become that ultimate millionaire.

First off, it you do not have a website, blog or online store in operation that first step must certainly be accomplished. But once things are up and running, SEO is the one thing that can help your business grow quickly so that you can meet your business objectives.


Search engine optimization has become the backbone of all businesses. It’s important to understand that users trust search engines, and having a presence in the top positions for the keywords the user is searching, increases their trust in you and your website. Search engines help would-be customers find your business. But that doesn’t mean you get to sit back and watch the cash come in the door. It is, after all, a fact that your immediate (and long-term) job is to make sure you use the right keywords so your company does come up in people’s search engine results near the top of the list.


Every time you are about to publish your next piece of web content, make sure to run it through the following checklist; these are the top tips when it comes to increasing your company’s business.


First, pick a good, solid keyword to focus on. Pick the search term or phrase you want the post to show up for. If, say, you are a wine business and wish to list the best merlot on the planet, find out what people are actually searching for using Google Keyword Planner, a free tool that will show you an estimate for any search phrase. For example: Check to see if “California Sweet Merlot” receives a high number of monthly searches (higher than any other combination of words) and make sure you use that in your web content. But there is other background work to do before coming to a final decision.


Your recon assignment is to research the competition. Now that you have a term you wish to use in order to achieve a higher ranking in the “pecking order,” so to speak, switch over to your “private browsing” mode on your web browser and head to Take a look at all the content on page one of Google. The top ten results are your competition. Ask yourself: How can I do it better?


Then…write the best content possible, because once you’ve seen what your competition looks like, you must create content that leaves these guys in the dust. Yes, most consider this the most difficult part. How do you solve this? Pay a writer to do it. This is their job, their bread-and-butter, and they know the words that will bring those clients to your website.


Then comes the placement of the information. Put the keyword(s) in your page title as well as your header. The title of your content must be interesting enough that people will actually want to click on it. And when it comes to the header, it’s important to remember you can organize most webpages by having a large title at the top, followed by several sub-headers throughout the page. Organizing things in this manner helps not only people who are skimming blog-post articles, but it also shows Google exactly what your blog post is about. If you have images (which you should) on your website, place that keyword in the name and alt-tag of your image as well. Then place the keyword in the URL and in the post. In other words, the words that appear after your “.com” or “.net” or whatever you choose to utilize.


Inserting internal links is important as well, but heading out over the Internet and finding external links to include will make clients rush to your website even faster. External links are links from websites other than your own, and Google relies on these to determine how good a post actually is. In other words, if people are bragging about you and your content, more will join the crowd.


Doing the above will cause you to score significant SEO traffic. And if you’re a business that wants to make money, this is exactly what you need to do.




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