Multiple Wounds by Alan Russell is a Psychological Journey Keeping Readers Enthralled!

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One of the things readers want more than anything else when it comes to their book choice is a unique story. Well, when it comes to this particular story, readers not only receive a fantastic plot, but they also receive one of the most unique and original stories to appear in a good, long time.

We delve into the case of a brutal murder of art gallery owner, Bonnie Gill; a case which is placed on Orson Cheever’s shoulders to solve. Being a Detective on the San Diego police force, Cheever is assigned to capture the killer; but as he begins his investigation, he has no idea that the leading suspects will turn out to be a very bizarre bunch.

All of the witnesses and/or suspects are actually living inside the ‘mind’ of artist, Holly Troy – a client of the gallery. Holly suffers from an identity disorder, and her ‘personalities’ all hail from classic mythology. With a given name of Helen Troy, Holly has ‘entities,’ such as; Caitlin, Cronos, Eris, Eurydice, Hygeia, Nemesis, Maenads, Moirae and Pandora, living inside her brain.

It is when Cheever takes Holly to lunch and watches as she orders meals for all of her inner personalities, (which is a great scene), that he discovers she hasn’t got a clue who she was the night of the murder, whether or not she actually witnessed anything, and – to top it all off – she has no recollection if she was actually the person who committed the crime.

For Cheever, this is no longer a ‘standard’ case with a corpse and a suspect; it truly becomes a frightening psychological journey into the human mind. Add to all this the fact that Cheever begins to ‘feel’ for this woman because of an issue in his own past, and readers have at their fingertips a highly unique story they will not be able to put down.

The end result? The entire realm of mystery, suspense and paranormal book lovers will have an absolute ball with this one!

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