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Why Be First Media Group?


Founded in 2007, Be First Media Group is a full-service Content Marketing and Social Media Company with a focus on content and social marketing through our own social media network and web partnerships. We also work as an online advertising agency, web and content developer as well as provide direction in the areas of positioning, messaging and branding through the our own network as well as the social media profiles and networks that we develop and grow for  our clients.


Be First Media Group has developed and is continuously growing a network of leading online news channels reporting breaking news in business, marketing, technology, and lifestyle, as well as providing reviews of newly published books, and introducing unique artists’ pieces. Their audience comes from almost a dozen different countries and produces 8 million page views per month through our online news network channels. Popular with travel enthusiasts just as much as social media enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, influencers, brands and corporations, marketing, PR and advertising agencies, art and book lovers, and most importantly people like you are I.


Increasing influential demographics is mostly generated through various platforms that helped us create a network of 900k in Twitter followers. Be First Media Group also has the ability to reach thousands through groups, fan pages and discussions on Linked-in and Facebook as well as other platforms.


And before you know it, we are at Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin followers at 1.3 million.


Now add to that our Partners as well


Let’s say Be First Media has 8 online papers with 4 in Google news. Four of these papers do 7,000 readers per day with an average of 70,000 page views per day and with monthly uniques of 80,000 and our publishing partners does 200k in uniques per month and does 7,500 per month.


And this is what you get:







A partial peak at our: Most Recent Readership Reports


St Aug News










Road Trekin








A taste of our stories you can check out first hand:




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A couple of Client Articles. 


1) Post with Videos. You supply us with pertinent video’s to embed in articles. For a great example, please view:  “A Better Wayto Great Health!” via @St_Aug_News


2) A Sales Call Is A Conversation Not An Inquisition via @St_Aug_News


3) Spencer Simons: A Visionary Artist Who Resurrects the Beauty of Life!  via @St_Aug_News


4) A Franchise Lawyer is the ‘First Mate’ via @SmBusinessOwner


5) Bam Brands Goes ‘Over the Edge!’ RT @St_Aug_News


6) Which Wich Superior Sandwiches is THE Best ‘Vibe’ in the Food Chain! via @St_Aug_News


Complete Social Media Monitoring




Social Media Brand Monitoring

Simplify360 provides you the much needed tool to listen to what your customers are talking about your brand on social media and act. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, News sites and online forums, you will never miss out on any conversations that are relevant to your brand!

Beyond the basics

  • Powerful Social Buzz Filter
  • Automated Message Tagging
  • Audience Intelligence
  • Automated Sentiment Classifier
  • Competitor Benchmarking




  • Most comprehensive dashboard
  • Track predefined keywords
  • Detailed audience demographics
  • Get quick trend snapshots
  • Alexa Rank of sites & blog sources
  • Clickable drill down functionality




  • 360 degree brand monitoring
  • Brand Influence and Engagement Score
  • Influencer monitoring
  • Competitor tracking
  • Industry trend Monitoring

Automated Intelligence



  • Message classification for action for sales, marketing, customer support etc.
  • Key brand influencer qualification
  • Sentiment classification with 80% accuracy
  • Country, language, gender filtering

Why Simplify360 ?

“Social media isn’t just another format of media, its an extension of a consumer’s real life. Any social analytics company, which has realized the same for any good, its Simplify360! By far the best implementation of artificial intelligence in the social space.”

For A Demo or More Information Please Let Us Know.

What Should You Do Next?


Take a look at the ways we help our clients and choose the one that fits you the best.



Beyond the standard packages listed above. Be First Media Group understands that sometimes there is a desire for something more. Be First Media Group offers a variety of sponsorship options and we are also welcome to hearing any custom ideas or suggestions you might have. We look forward to discussing with you.