Look Younger AND Raise Money For Your Cause!

Look Younger AND Raise Money For Your Cause!

by Betsy Smith

look-younger-in-hawaii-with-nerium-ad-kihei-hiNerium International just launched a new Funds Development Program for non-profits.  What is Nerium AD?  It is a BREAKTHROUGH anti-aging night cream.  Less than two year old Nerium had $100 million in sales with its one and only product so you know it works!

The power is in the Nerium Oleander plant and the NAE-8 extract that is patent pending.  When Nerium Biotech was doing research at M D Anderson in Texas they accidentally discovered that people’s wrinkles, lines, age spot and sun damage was disappearing.  After creating a skin care division (, creating some products and doing independent clinical trials Nerium AD was launched.

As a simple ONE step night cream with clinical trials that blow the competition out of the water it is no surprise that this is THE HOT product that is spreading around the country.  MEN love it too!

So just imagine the excitement for your not-for-profit when you tell them that they can earn money by just telling their supporters that they can buy Nerium AD and at the same time help their organization.

It is simple and FREE to the non-profit.

Through the Nerium Funds Development Program, qualified non-profits may sell Nerium Age-Defying Treatment to supporters and receive a portion of the profits for their organization.

How can Nerium AD Create a Fundraising Breakthrough?

• Non-profit organizations can tap into one of the hottest categories of consumer spending: anti-aging!  Annual spending in this category is currently $80 billion nationwide and is projected to be $114 billion by 2015.

• Organizations don’t even have to ask supporters to spend any extra money. They simply ask supporters to redirect their skincare spending to a more effective, all-in-one product that saves money on their skincare regimen and helps support a great cause!

• Non-profit organizations can earn:

- $30 for every retail order processed through the organization’s Nerium website.

- $24-$32 for every Preferred Customer order through the organization’s Nerium website.

- 10%-25% of their Preferred Customers’ ongoing monthly orders.

It is a WIN-WIN!  The non-profit can earn money without spending the thousands of hours to put on a BENEFIT.  And it begins to bring in money ALL year long.

Contact me for more info on this great offer!

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