Living “The Slight Edge” Thanks To Jeff Olson

Living The Slight Edge Thanks To Jeff Olson


61hXqY2FyXL._SL1500_When I joined Nerium International as a Brand Partner I received The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson to launch my business.  Jeff is the CEO of Nerium and a best selling author of this small but powerful book.  And it is a life changer.


The premise is that you are the sum of the small choices that you have made.  The choices are so small that they don’t matter whether you do them or whether you don’t.  But over time the small choices are the ones that keep you headed on the right trajectory.


Eating a huge fries and a Big Mac today or even for a few days is not so bad.  It won’t hurt you tomorrow or even in a week, but if you eat that every day for a year it will impact your health and weight.  It is the reason people join a gym after making huge resolutions hit the gym on Jan 1 and by the end of the month 90% are no longer coming.


The big resolutions and quantum leap choices that seem so alluring are frequently not doable.   So the small choices can be powerful.  Do some small things every day over time and all of a sudden there are big changes.  At Nerium we teach to do a few small things every day to build your business and over time you will have something big.


I use the Slight Edge for my business, but it has impacted other parts of my life.  I started to meditate for a short time every day and after time it was just part of my routine, not something that I think that much about.


I have started to plan tomorrow, today.  That means that every day in the afternoon or evening I take about 5-10 minutes to check my calendar and plan out the following day.  It is easy to do and easy not to do.  But when I do that I sleep better and wake up feeling ready to run.  Otherwise the day runs me.


I have started making small achievable choices and decisions in other parts of my life.  I know that we are either improving or declining.  There is no static.  Being conscious about some small choices the exponential difference it will make in a year or a lifetime is immeasurable.


The Slight Edge is a short and sweet book.  And it can change your life.

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