Is Donald Trump Afraid of the Dark?


Is Donald Trump Afraid of the Dark?

GREG PALAST’S “THE BEST DEMOCRACY MONEY CAN BUY: A Tale of Billionaires and Ballot Bandits”, upcoming theft of the 2016 election, Donald TrumpGREG PALAST’S “THE BEST DEMOCRACY MONEY CAN BUY: A Tale of Billionaires and Ballot Bandits


 WHO:  Greg PalastRolling Stone/BBC investigative reporter films a real, live detective thriller about the upcoming theft of the 2016 election and the hunt for billionaires behind it.  

With Shailene Woodley, Willie Nelson, Rosario Dawson, Ed Asner and Robert F. Kennedy with “detectives” Ice-T and Richard Belzer 


 Are black voters at risk of becoming an endangered species? Gonzo investigative reporter Greg Palast’s  (BBC, Rolling Stone) documentary detective thriller The Best Democracy Money Can Buy “ Billionaires and Ballot Bandits busts theNEW Klux Klan – the billionaire bandits that lurk in the shadows with clear intentions to purge one million voters of color in November. 

 This film clandestine vote stealing trickery hatched by billionaires are shredding the shards of our flailing democracy. It is  a cautionary tale of technology, power, intended consequences, morality, and those who reap the profits from our electile dysfunction. The Republican Crosscheck purge system is wiping out minority registrations in 29 states.

 Shailene Woodley, Willie Nelson, Rosario Dawson, Ed Asner and “detectives” Ice-T and Richard Belzer, John Lewis Robert F. Kennedy, help investigative reporter Palast track down the secret billionaires and their craven addiction to power while our profit-addicted American media ignore the hard news. 

 In The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, a Tale of Billionaires and Ballot Bandits,all the dots are connected. Palast’s  investigation takes him from the Arcticwhere he is clued in to the heist by a foul-mouthed Eskimo and the Koch Bros. connection, then on to  a speed boat to a high class event in the Hamptons to the ballot rustler known as “The Vulture”  Paul Singer, to Kansas where he finds out what is the matter with the state,  (clue it is its Secretary of State and again the Kansas-based Koch Brothers) . The dirty trail continues with one of  the Trump’s biggest sugar daddies: John Paulson, hedge-fund manager, and Wall Street high roller who used a Bermuda-based entity to dodge US taxes and run up “one of the biggest fortunes in Wall Street history” at the same time Trump was complaining “hedge fund guys are getting away with murder.” Paulson’s a specialist in “distressed securities.” Make a note. His name will come up again.And Paulson is on Trump’s board of hedgy economic advisors. He has made more money than anyone since the Egyptian Pharaohs. In 2008, he hauled in 5 billion dollars from distressed properties alone. Perhaps the secret behind the Trump wagon might be the one who’s wants to push the cart behind the potential President of the United States?

Voter suppression and election fraud is a subject that lurks in the shadows. Like a computer virus, causing much harm in its wake.  One reason it eludes our scrutiny is because of the media blackout that follows each election. -Our lack of information and attention compound the problem. Palast  has caught America’s press puppies in delicto bedded down with their corporate patrons. Instead of covering the elections, they cover it up. Palast explains this lascivious twist in the creation of the Corporate New Entertainment complex. He shows the media has become a weapon on mass distraction for the American people.  

 It was Greg Palast who  busted Katherine Harris and Jeb Bush in 2000 when they swiped the Florida election by purging tens of thousands of eligible voters- mostly guilty of voting while black – using electronically generated “scrub” lists produced by a Texas firm paid millions to screen out felons, yet not required by any official to verify the accuracy of its data.  With remarkable audacity and felonious foresight, the list even includes felons that will be arrested seven years in the future.

 Florida’s use of an outside firm to in effect privatize voting rights plays into Palast’ central theme of how corporate powers are riding roughshod over our democracy. From the “cash for access” scandals to the revolving door between the Koch Brothers and their trophy government henchmen, Palast lays bare patterns of corruption that have become so sadly commonplace. 

 White House for Sale.  Cheap.  Tons of buyers.   Hundreds of offers.  Nailing Kansas’ Secretary of State  Kris Kolbach for his “I’m for Sale, thank you Koch Brothers” actions, Palast vividly shows how this self-anointed guardian of our voting rights  has pocketed  corporate money to pre-select candidates before even a single vote was recorded and  how that has influenced the policies and platforms of  his corporate sponsors,  all the while denying the necessities of the American people

Perhaps no one in history has straddled the political divide more than Greg Palast. As an investigative reporter for the BBC and the Guardian who nailed Florida Secretary of State  Katherine Harris’ fake felon purge that stole the election for Bush in 2000, and revealed in his best selling book The Best Democracy Money Can Buy . One might as well plant the flags of  billionaires Donald Trump or Paul Singer  when one “counts” the votes.  Elections now have everything to do with a ravenously greedy elite class that play with the treasure of our nation, risking our future, risking democracy itself . And all the while, our compliant and cuckolded media stand silently by. 

GREG PALAST’S “THE BEST DEMOCRACY MONEY CAN BUY: A Tale of Billionaires and Ballot Bandits”, upcoming theft of the 2016 election, Donald Trump

 The venerated Palast has been called “courageous ” by Michael Moore.  John Pilger says Palast  “facts are like hand grenades”.   With Palast’s inimitable style(“funnier than Michael Moore, more substantial than Naomi Klein”—the Guardian) Palast, says Jim Hightower, is a “cross between Sam Spade and Sherlock Holmes” and this documentary investigation shows just how true that statement is. Rev. Al Sharpton likens Palast to an Oreo cookie: white on the outside, black on the inside.” Noam Chomsky reports: Palast upsets all the right people. Michael Moore : Palast’  work is  that funny, heartbreaking,. And, Jason Alexander thanks Palast for “f#@king up my life with truth”.

 As an investigative journalist, he has uncovered scandal, corruption and vast lies in the highest seats of power from the White House to corporate America.  Known and respected in Britain as “The most important investigative journalist of our time” (Tribune Magazine) Palast has broken some of the biggest stories including:

. How Bush killed the FBI’s investigation of the bin Laden family prior and after 9/11

. How the Bush Family stole the 2000 Election.

. How Enron cheated, lied and swindled its way into an energy monopoly

 These provocative exposes are pure Palast territory- as well as grounding breaking reports on the World Bank, the IMF, the World Trade Organization, Wal-Mart and much, much more.Screened with Palast’s gutsy in-your-face style with animation by Keith Tucker (“Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” ) and photography by Academy Award nominee Richard Rowley,  this is not just a documentary – it is a REAL-LIVE AS-IT-HAPPENS DETECTIVE STORY. Joined by his sidekick Ms. Badpenny, Palast names the major ballot bandits and shines a light on the shadowy tactics employed by their trophy GOP officials who do their blind bidding. He is the dogged outsider, a former working class gumshoe from Los Angeles who has gained his fame through multiple best sellers with his revelations about Corporate America for the BBC and The Guardian. Palast’ disturbing indictment of the major media as purveyors of corporatized infotainment must serve as a wake-up call to journalists, and everyone who cares about a well-informed citizenry as a basis for democracy.

 With The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, a Tale of Billionaires and Ballot Bandits, Palast breaks ground on the debate before we become No Country for Black Voters. Or for Hispanic voters. Or Muslim Voters. Or Women voters. Or YOU.

  See this Film. Act Accordingly. Our country is in the midst of a civil war between the alarmingly uninformed and the just plain alarmed because they are informed. Greg Palast’s documentary asks questions the media/propaganda machine purposefully don’t ask. In typical Palast style, he details in pull-no-punches Palastian prose how the assault on our entire voting system is widespread and relentless. Determining our actions today can move us towards either a stronger, more positive future, or a future shrouded in fear, poverty, war. This film should act  as a primer for people of all ages, all classes who want answers and solutions. Viewer beware. Ignore the facts at your own peril!  



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