Increase Sales by Improving Your Tonality


Increase Sales by Improving Your Tonality and Your Beliefs Before the Sales Call

by Dan Caramanico

Proper tonality increases sales effectiveness. From cold calling to closing, tonality plays a major role generating sales. Go to to find out more about it. This video gives a couple of examples of how your self-limiting beliefs can betray your words and cause your sales skills to fall flat. Closing sales becomes easier if you master the art of asking the right questions and backing up your words with the proper belief systems. Most sales people just rely on sales skills to get them by. They don’t properly prepare their mindset before the call and thus communicate their intent properly. A bad sales call is often the result and generating sales in the future becomes more difficult because one bad call leads to another and a few in a row gets the sales person thinking he will never close a sale. That belief affects the use of all of the sales skills and increasing sales becomes an even more daunting task. The message … to improve sales, improve your belief systems which in turn will affect your tonality and in short order cause you to generate sales success.