Imitation of Death by Cheryl Crane is a Knock-Out!

Imitation of Death by Cheryl Crane is a Knock-Out!

By Amy Lignor

Nicolette (“Nikki“) Harper is the daughter of Victoria Bordeaux – a famous movie star back in her day – and the two have a great relationship. In fact, when our story begins, Nikki is living with her mom while her own house is being re-painted, and even though Nikki doesn’t live the ‘high life,’ she does like to try it once in a while.

Lounging by the pool one afternoon, Nikki, her mom and a friend are enjoying their luxurious day when all of a sudden the house next door becomes more than a bit annoying, with loud music and even louder voices. Heading over to see if they can quiet their neighbors down, they walk directly into a fight between their gardener, Jorge, and Eddie Bernard – the spoiled rich man who lives next door. Even though the argument ends, the next morning arrives and Eddie turns up dead in the alley behind Victoria’s mansion; sticking out of the rich man’s chest is a pair of pruning shears belonging to Jorge.

Knowing Jorge as well as she does, Nikki decides to do a little investigating on her own, seeing as that there is no way she believes Jorge committed the murder. As things begin to unfold, Nikki uncovers information about the loud party that was going on far into the night and finds out  – not surprisingly – that Eddie had many enemies among his guests. So did the gardener actually kill, or did someone else prune their host? This is a plot that is seriously fun!

Watching Nikki utilize her mother’s ‘fame and name’ in order to meet the many suspects who are not disappointed that Eddie has met his maker, is hilarious. Of course, the author should know all about the ins-and-outs of fame considering Ms. Crane is the real life daughter of the stunning, Lana Turner; and you can truly see the lovely Lana in the form of Victoria Bordeaux who’s entertaining beyond belief when she voices her opinions and makes sure everybody listens. Thus far the Nikki Harper books have been incredibly well-written and most definitely memorable. Therefore…enjoy!

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