Hamish Macbeth is Back for his 29th Mystery in ‘Death of Yesterday’ by M.C. Beaton

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Believe it or not, this is the twenty-ninth Hamish Macbeth mystery; and the one thing that can be said about this series is that DeathofYesterdayit’s definitely NOT gotten old. This red-headed police sergeant living in the small village of Lochdubh, Scotland is such a hoot and a howl that you never want to see this character come to an end.

In this latest installment, Macbeth receives a complaint from art student, Morag Merrilea. It seems that while she was in a pub and left the table for a moment, her sketchbook was stolen. Hamish doesn’t exactly take to this woman, as she’s extremely critical of everything and everyone. He comes to think that Morag was in the pub drinking for some time, and what really happened is that she’d inhaled too much of the ‘happy juice’ and simply forgot about her book. Whatever the truth may be, Hamish isn’t looking forward to dealing with this annoying woman. Sadly, he doesn’t have to…

Morag soon turns up dead and Hamish and his underlings now have a much larger crime to solve. Having a highly intelligent mind and awesome instincts have made Hamish an ace detective, but his immediate superior, Detective Chief Superintendent Blair, keeps ordering him to do menial tasks so that Blair can take credit if anything breaks. But when a second victim is found, Macbeth comes under scrutiny which makes Blair even more difficult to get along with.

Hand-in-hand with the drama and action comes a new twist in Macbeth’s love life, which is always a source of amusement for the citizens of Lochdubh. He has been engaged and ‘almost’ engaged a couple of times, so when his eye falls on the sister of a murder suspect, things definitely turn from bad to worse.

There’s never a dull moment in the life of Hamish Macbeth and, thankfully, this author keeps churning out books so Hamish’s fans can sit back and enjoy the fun. A+!


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