Fund Raising Never Looked So Good!!

Fund Raising Never Looked So Good!!

Goal ThermometerNerium International has raised the bar on fund raising for non-profits.  Now non-profits (501c3’s) can raise funds by offering their members a product in one of the hottest categories of consumer spending—anti-aging. NeriumAd, their groundbreaking night cream treatment is backed by clinical trials showing on average a 30% improvement in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, discoloration and aging skin. It is simple to use, simply apply at night on damp, clean skin and rinse in the morning; no complicated multiple steps with multiple products- just one product that both men and women are using and loving. This is simply a matter of switching the spending from other products to one product: one product that out performs others in the category of anti-aging night cream treatments and having your favorite non-profit reap the profits. The other huge advantage is this is a consumable product and thus can generate monthly on-going orders that generate on-going monthly income for your non-profit. It is not a one-time purchase, but monthly income that can grow as your members continue to order and refer their friends, growing by word of mouth. Is there a demand for this product? You bet. The company did $100 million in their first year of business which was 2012. Watch the attached video to get an idea of the money that can be raised.  Contact me for details on how to get your 501c3 non-profit started.


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