From Blind Faith to Black Sheep – C.J. Lyons Keeps the ‘Hits’ Coming!

BlackSheepThe one thing that can always be said about this author is the fact that she knows inside- and-out how to deliver the perfect blend of romance and suspense that makes her fans come back again and again. And this novel is no exception.

For those who missed Blind Faith (a novel you MUST go back and read because it was beyond good), the character of Caitlyn Tierney is a true ‘gem.’ This FBI Supervisory Special Agent is tough, hard-edged and gritty, and knows exactly how to bring in the ‘bad guy.’ But when it comes to this new mystery, she’s racing head-first into a truly personal area that will call up all kinds of hideous memories from her past.

A while back Caitlyn’s father committed suicide right after he arrested his best friend for murder, which is actually the one case that made Caitlyn head straight into the law enforcement ‘biz’ when she grew up. But now, history is coming back to haunt her, when the one man she blames for her father’s unorthodox death comes to her and asks for help in finding his daughter who has gone missing.

This is a case that is beyond difficult; not only must the Special Agent face her demons, but she also has to head back to her hometown where the blood of a man she admired was spilled. The hometown is different than it once was; it has received a new, wealthy façade. But the same lies are still festering behind the elegant closed doors. What Caitlyn doesn’t know is that there is a villain who is sitting right there in the midst of money, power and greed who will do anything to stop her from finding out what really happened so long go.

For those readers out there who are looking for chilling suspense, this is it. It’s not a surprise, actually, considering this author is an ER doctor who has helped police with various criminal cases. Because of this background, combined with her amazing writing, these books offer in-depth looks into the minds of villain, victim and hero. Enjoy!

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