Five Tips for Putting Your Boat to Bed for the Winter


Five Tips for Putting Your Boat to Bed for the Winter

By Craig Lamb


Unless you are fortunate to live in the balmier climates of the U.S., now is the time to put the boat away for the winter. There is more to the job than making sure all of the fishing gear, water toys and other items of fun are stored in the garage.

Preparing for extended storage efficiently and effectively means enjoying worry- and hassle-free experiences when you return to using your outboard, according to the experts at Yamaha Outboards.

Now is the time for performing extended winter storage. Don’t wait to call your dealer to schedule winterization. The threat of the season’s first hard freeze makes it too late, and damage can occur to the parts.

Here are the steps you can take before putting the boat to bed for the winter.


1: Oil and filter change up

Today’s fuel efficient, performance designed four-stroke outboards require extra care with the oil and filter. The four-stroke combustion process creates some contaminants that are removed by the oil filter. Changing the filter and oil helps ensure the motor is protected and ready for use next spring.

Choosing Yamalube 4m and 2M removes all the guesswork about which oil is best for your Yamaha outboard. Both oils are purposely formulated with special anti-corrosion agents to help combat and prevent the corrosive effects of this environment.

You can even do it yourself with a Yamaha Oil Change Kit. Yamalube oil, Genuine Yamaha oil filter, and necessary drain bolt gaskets are part of the package.

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2: Going foggy

Traditionally, you might have used fogging oil sprayed through the intake manifold while the motor is running. Modern four-strokes have longer runner intakes, making the fogging oil more challenging to thoroughly get the job done.

Yamaha has a simple solution called Yamalube EFI Fogging Oil. The oil runs through the motor to fog the entire fuel system and related parts. The product is specially designed for mixing with a portable fuel supply to effectively treat EFI engine cylinders, pistons, and valves.


3 Get greasy

Another winterization step involves applying grease to all of the fittings and engine bracket. Forcing water out and getting fresh grease in helps ensure critical bearings and bushings avoid corrosive damage. And don’t forget to add a dab of grease on the trim ramps.

Yamaha Marine Grease provides superior lubrication, versatile formulation and is highly resistant to water while adhering to all frictional surfaces unaffected by engine or boat vibrations. This product should be used where grease “A” is specified in service manual.


4 New fuel filter

With 10% Ethanol fuel common throughout the U.S. taking extra care of your fuel system is important. The 10-micron filters should be replaced every fifty hours of engine operation. That’s a boating season for most boaters.

Do not simply remove and dump the fuel and re-install the filter, as captured debris and water could enter the “clean” side of the filter and be released into your fuel system.

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5 Stabilize fuel

Ethanol-laced fuel has changed some of the rules for winterizing marine gasoline systems. When prepping a boat for winter storage, boat owners must now do all they can to avoid phase separation — a phenomenon in which ethanol combines with water and separates from gasoline, descending in a soupy goop to the bottom of the tank. While this can occur at any time, it is more likely to happen when gas is stored for long periods.

A good choice for this task is Yamalube Fuel Stabilizer & Conditioner PLUS. Be sure to thoroughly course it through the entire fuel system prior to shut down.


At you can find a complete resource guide for keeping your outboard in tip-top shape. The Maintenance Matters page has links to Interval Maintenance, Engine Oil & Lube, Extended Storage and Fuel and Fuel Systems. Over a dozen topics are covered, and you can download the Maintenance Matters brochure.



Original Source:  Sportsmans



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