Don’t bully me, cause I’m close to the edge!


Don’t bully me, cause I’m close to the edge!

Now I’ve been very serious lately, and that is Because even a funny person has to show that they have a serious bone in their body, and not just a funny bone; the subject, bullying.
Now you can never really look at an adult and see whether or not they’ve been bullied, I was bullied.  When I was a kid, I moved 15 times before I was 11 years old.  I tell folks this, and they say oh, military family, and I’d say nope, bad checks, funny, but true.

Now, because I moved so much and had to make new friends a lot. I was never picked on the team first, always last, and sometimes not at all.

Now I can tell you there’s a lot of times that I took the long way to class to avoid being made fun of, or worse.

I became really good at talking myself out of a fight and I was physically fit,



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