Couple Glad They Passed on Gas


Couple Glad They Passed on Gas


Electric motors for boats have taken giant leaps in performance over the past few years; your grandpa’s trolling motor was the predecessor of high-tech electric outboards that deliver power and speed equivalent to a small combustion engine with none of the inconvenience. German company Torqeedo produces some of the most popular electric outboards.


Travel Outboard

Torqeedo’s biggest seller is the Travel 1003 – a 3 to 4 horsepower equivalent that is the perfect fit for a dinghy or small sailboat. Peter and Cathie Trogdon bought a Travel for their inflatable dinghy before their annual cruise on their 36-foot Zimmerman, Bee Weems. This cruising couple has traveled far and wide, from Alaska to the Great Lakes and the Caribbean and everywhere in between.

“I never liked the old gas outboard” said Cathie. “I hated pulling the cord and I would never take the dinghy out on my own because I worried that, if the engine cut out, I couldn’t make it back to the boat. It was too heavy for me to mount it; I always had to wait for Pete. With the Travel motor, it comes apart in parts and pieces. It’s manageable.” she continued.

Many boaters echo Cathie’s experience, finding that carrying fuel, changing oil, pull starting and all of the other hassles that come with a small combustion engine inhibit them from fully enjoying the boating experience. The Travel motor requires no annual maintenance and it comes apart in three pieces, with the heaviest weighing just 19 lbs. Most users are traveling back and forth to shore, going on short excursions along the way or moving their small sailboat in and out of harbor and the easy to use, store and maintain Travel motor suits them perfectly.

Cathie has found another advantage to choosing electric, “My favorite thing about the Torqeedo is how quiet it is. I love to take the dinghy out to watch the wildlife. The Torqeedo is so quiet, I can sneak up on all the birds and critters.”


Original Source; Sportsmans



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