Come to South Louisiana for a Cajun Buffet


Come to South Louisiana for a Cajun Buffet

By Craig Lamb

Think of a Cajun buffet and what comes to mind is a spread of fresh seafood, gumbo, etouffee, jambalaya, and andouille.

At Home Run Charters and Lodge, you can likely dine on all of the above, and in gourmet style. Home Run Fishing Charters and Lodge is the premier outfitter in Venice and for a lot of reasons. Luxury accommodations, gourmet dining, Cajun hospitality and experienced, licensed captains using the latest and best boats and equipment are why.

The better of the two sides to the play on words is the buffet available for the taking in the waters of the inland marshes and outside in the Gulf of Mexico.

“We call it a Cajun buffet because you can catch trophy redfish and lots of speckled trout one day, then the next catch tuna and offshore species,” said Brian Sherman, a licensed captain, and guide at Home Run Charters.

A specialty and favored style of fishing in the marshes for Sherman is aboard a kayak. Sherman and his clients paddle through some of the most scenic and prolific saltwater fishing waters in the nation.

“What’s really neat about it is to be eye level with nature and your catch,” he added. “When a big bull red hits you are likely to get dragged around the marsh, which makes it even more fun and sporting.”

That scenario has happened more than once for Sherman. He recalled the story of the husband and wife fishing with him last New Year’s Eve. The couple had traveled from New York City for a day of casting for bull redfish in the marshes of south Louisiana. The day did not disappoint.

“The wife set the hook on a 45-pound bull red, and she only weighs about 90 pounds,” said Sherman.

Then the fight was on.

“That fish dragged her about 3 miles, and I had to follow her so we could get back to the husband,” he says with a laugh. “She loved it.”

Fish story? Yep, but it’s true. Sherman calls it the “Cajun sleigh ride,” and he contains his laughter when the scenario is repeated, and often, with other clients. They have no idea of the power of a redfish and the sporting value of catching them from a kayak. The cost is very economical.  A day lasts about 7 hours.

“What’s really neat about the Cajun buffet though is the variety,” he continued.

“We can mix up the trip so you can go kayak fishing one day, and the next go for the tuna offshore,” he said. “We can switch the days around depending on the weather conditions.”

What makes the trip to Venice worthwhile is the relatively short run it takes to get to the tuna water. The migratory tuna come within 10 miles of the Mouth of Passes or point where the Mississippi River meets the Gulf of Mexico.

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Home Run Charters operates 36’ Yellowfin 36 center console boats. The Yellowfins now use a technology available from Seakeeper. The gyroscopic stabilization platform is designed to eliminate up to 95% of boat roll. The result is an even smoother, stable and dry ride than already designed into the Yellowfin hulls.

A trio of fast, dependable 300-horsepower Yamaha outboards powers each of the Yellowfins. What that means for you is a boat that skims across the water at 50 mph or more. You will be first to the best fishing while arriving safely. You will fish from Shearwater and Skeeter boats for inshore trips.

On day three of a Cajun buffet, the action can shift back into the marsh. Sherman says to bring your cooler, which will get filled with plenty of fillets from speckled trout and other tasty game fish in the marsh.

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