Chamber Music Project Season Ends June 8

Chamber Music Project Season Ends June 8

First Season Concluding, Second Season Upcoming at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

background5PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. – The Florida Chamber Music Project, in partnership with St. Johns County and Ponte Vedra Resorts, will conclude its debut season, four-concert series on Sunday, June 8 at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall.

The resident professional chamber music ensemble is playing one-hour performances, all on Sundays beginning at 3 p.m., focusing on various composers. They will also interact with attendees regarding interesting aspects of the music and their initiative to bring classical music to St. Johns County and into the schools, which are rated No. 1 in Florida.

“Our first three performances have shown an extensive and growing interest in chamber music,” said Danny Berenberg, the President of the Florida Chamber Music Project. “The combination of excellent music in an intimate and professional setting has been a big attraction for those familiar with this music and also for those who are new to this venue and music.”

The June 8 performance is highlighted by Piazzolla’s Four for Tango and Tango Ballet, “Triads from the Future” from “Time Travel” by Szewczyk and Dvorak’s Quartet No 12 in F Major, Opus 96, “American.” The event will also feature “Images from El Galeon,” a first-time photo exhibit from Glenn Hastings. The performance is the first weekend after St. Johns County Schools are dismissed for summer break and is sponsored by the Ponte Vedra Resorts.

The second season, which is being finalized, includes music by Beethoven, Gershwin, Mozart, Haydn and Szewczyk, the resident composer whose composition “To The Shore” recently placed second in the Millennium Ensemble Composition Competition. The Florida Chamber Music Ensemble premiered that piece last November. Dates for the second season of concerts include October and November and February, March and May 2015.

The Florida Chamber Music Project includes Susan Pardue, the Artistic Director and Violist; Patrice Evans, the Director of Music Education and Violinist; Violinists Anna Genest and Annie Morris; and Cellist Nick Curry.

For the series, approximately 100 of the seats are being made available by organizers free of charge to St. Johns County students who are heavily involved in their school music programs. Evans is an organizer of the Jacksonville Urban Music Project (JUMP) in Duval County and hopes to help identify promising musicians in St. Johns County who may be interested in a classical music education beyond high school.

Tickets for this performance are $25.

To purchase tickets, and for more information, visit, or Tickets are also available at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall Box Office Thursday and Friday (10 a.m.-6 p.m.) andSaturday (9 a.m.-5 p.m.).




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