After Suffering, Blackie Faces Death in Georgia

  by Denise Carey-Costa Every stray has a tale, a story like no other, unique and all its own. Some of these stories will bring tears to our eyes, make us angry and question man’s cruelty to his fellow creatures. Blackie, a ten-year-old Lab/Rottweiler mix was dumped at Floyd County Animal Control in Rome, GA […]

Bart’s World

  Bart’s World  ~ Samantha Lewis When it comes to deciding what is the worst, as well as the best, for the animals in our very human kingdom, problems arise. Very often people forget the Humane Society’s out there, the shelters, the no-kill establishments – all of these that work so hard for a lost […]

Florida Dogs Need Donations for Food and Medical Treatment

  by Ernest Dempsey Florida-based animal rights advocate and dog rescue Larisa Scharikin faces the challenge to keep her dogs fed and provided with medical care after she recently lost her job. Larisa Scharikin has done a lot of work to save stray and pet dogs from euthanasia and execution. But now her two dogs […]

Good Samaritan and the Christmas Wish of an Injured Dog

  by Denise Carey-Costa As the Christmas season is fast approaching, we are filled with the sense of giving, sharing and generosity. We also become reflective on the biblical stories that lead up to the Nativity. But another famous biblical story that should also be reflected on during this season of giving is that of […]

Rescue and Resiliency of Man’s Best Friend

  by Denise Carey-Costa Everyone has heard the age old adage “the dog is man’s best friend.” For centuries historians, authors, and poets have documented countless stories of dogs’ heroic acts on the battlefield, saving their masters from peril and their overall constant loyalty and unconditional love toward their human companions. But is man really […]

Sundance Film Festival 2015 – Owner to Promote Film about Murdered Dog

  by Denise Carey-Costa Imagine being wrongfully accused of a crime, thrown into a prison, then executed all based on little to no evidence that you actually committed a crime. Your first thought is most likely, “How could that actually happen?” But it is happening every day in cities all over the world. Pit Bulls […]

Documentary to Explore Injustice in Cases of Dogs Labeled Dangerous

The story below is reposted here from with permission of the author. Imagine you are wrongfully accused of a crime, taken from your family home, locked up in a cage for seven months then euthanized all based on little to no evidence that you even committed a crime. The despair, frustration and helplessness you would feel would […]

Rescue Fraud Leaves Two Bulldogs Stranded in North Carolina

The following story was published on and is reposted here with the author’s permission. The rescue world is based on trust. Trust, it’s a matter of life and death for the animals on death row, and the survival of rescues that are desperately trying to save them. When that trust is violated it can […]


   BUTTERFLY ENERGY ~by Diana Lynn  Colorful butterflies surround every pothole puddle for miles along the stretch of road that connects Queen Elizabeth National Park to Bwindi. Other protected areas rich in butterflies are Kibale and Bwindi National Parks, which are also greatly forested. There were thousands of brightly iridescent colored butterflies everywhere I walked.  If […]

Caged Dogs Suffer on Abusive Owner’s Property in VA as Authorities Refuse to Intervene

  The following story was posted to by Denise Carey-Costa and is reposted here with the author’s permission. For 5 years now, 11 dogs have been forced to live in their own filth, urine and feces, in a flea infested ‘box” at the home of Mike Thomas a citizen of Wythe County Virginia. The local authorities […]