Thomas Waiting Patiently for His Chance at a Forever Home

by Denise Carey-Costa There is no worse feeling in the world than the feeling you are not wanted, or you are the one who everyone overlooks. This is how it feels for Thomas whose short life has been quite turbulent. Thomas is a sweet, four-year- old male dog who loves people, is very affectionate, knows basic […]

Can We Hope to See the United States a No Kill Nation?

by Denise Carey-Costa Will the United States ever achieve the status of a no kill nation? According to a report by Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, 733,000 dogs and cats were killed last in animal shelters across the nation because no one wanted them. In a color-coded map on the Best Friends site, most states show no-kill, […]

Florida Man on a Mission to Feed Shelter Animals

by Denise Carey-Costa How far would any person go to ensure the safety and well-being of unwanted, abandoned animals? For some people it’s frequent donations; for others it’s fostering or rescuing animals from overcrowded shelters. Kris Rotunda, a modern-day hero for animals, literally goes the distance to make sure no shelter dog in the U.S […]

Kris Rotonda, a Living Legend for Shelter Animals

by Denise Carey-Costa In the current days of negativity and animosity, when acts of violence and anger fill the newspapers and resound from our television sets, we are all looking for a hero. Not a caped crusader who fills a larger than life movie screen fighting off fictitious villains, but someone who will restore our […]

Sheba’s Rescue – One dog’s Jjourney from Louisiana to Florida

by Denise Carey-Costa Every dog has their own journey. Some are lucky enough to have easy ones; that are those who are adopted as puppies and kept in the same family their entire lives, loved and cared for. Others have journeys that include pain, suffering and abandonment. If they could talk, the stories they could tell […]

Florida Dog Rescue Saves Some Lives in West Palm Beach

by Denise Carey-Costa Animal rescue groups are an integral part of our society; Not just the well-known ones such as the ASPCA, or the Humane Society of the United States, but the smaller, individually run rescues. These rescues do not have any large marketing platforms to get their name out there, nor are they given […]

Polka Dogz Pet Rescue – Inspiring Example of Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

by Denise Carey-Costa Polka Dogz Pet Rescue of Central Florida is a prime example of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. According to the Humane Society of the United States 2.4 million healthy companion animals are put down in U.S. shelters every year. That comes out to one every 13 seconds. Rescue organizations are making great strides […]

Teaming Up to Give Bingo More Birthdays

by Denise Carey-Costa Bingo was his name. That’s all anyone knew about the four-year-old ginger colored boy when he, like so many other pit bulls, was about to be relinquished to a high kill shelter in Tampa, Florida. Why was he being relinquished? He was born a pit bull, and his owner’s landlord demanded that […]

Having Survived Death Row, Bingo Now Fights Cancer

by Denise Carey-Costa Life hasn’t been easy for Bingo, nor has luck been on his side. Not much is known about his early life or if he ever had any kind of home/family stability. However, his string of bad luck started when he almost ended up at a very high kill shelter in the Tampa, […]

Florida Shar Pei Rescue Saving This Rare Dog Breed

by Denise Carey-Costa Most people, especially dog lovers, can’t help but smile when looking at a Shar Pei; something about the squishy face and extra skin has a certain type of charm.  As puppies, they are a mass of wrinkles until they eventually grow into their skin. But these unique looking dogs have quite an […]